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I have a vision 🌖

empowerment Jul 07, 2022

I have a vision of 15 women gathered around the fire, each of us seated on a large stone

Each of us is here to unburden ourselves of the heaviness we carry

Each of us is here to remember that we’re not meant to do this alone

Each of us is here to practice letting ourselves receive all the goodness in our lives

Each of us is here to practice a new way of being our most powerful self, one that is flexible, not rigid, and one that is intentional, not reactive

Each of us is here to learn, perhaps for the first time in our lives, how to take exceptional care of ourselves, of our minds, bodies, energy and emotions

Each of us is here to remember how incredibly important, worthy and powerful each one of us truly is

This is how I visualize my work

Instead of being on a stage or behind a lectern, I am a part of the circle of women gathered around the fire to tell our stories and inspire one another

The circle of firelight a buffer of warmth and protection that warms our bones and...

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I’ve done a lot of outrageous things in my life

empowerment Jun 30, 2022

I’ve done a lot of outrageous things in my life 

Things that definitely did not make sense at the time but looking back make complete sense and I’m so glad I did!

Signed up for a yearlong women's group without knowing a thing about the leader or who else would be in the group simply because it felt like what I needed

Told my boss years before I left that I did not see myself at this company in five years and that I wanted to start my own coaching business so we could align my career goals to my actual life goal instead of a fake one of climbing the ladder

Lived rather frugally compared to my tech salary and spent $$$ on grad school, therapy, coaching and meditation retreats instead

Left said high paying stable job with all the benefits to jump head first into a multi year long coaching program on sex, love and relationships, of all things!

Went deep with my peers on a healing retreat in the Mexican jungle to release shame and feelings of inadequacy and step into my...

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What we get wrong about the feminine 🌹{{earlybird closing!}}

empowerment Jun 23, 2022

A lot of women end up working with me after feeling burnt out trying to make it as a woman in a man’s world.

Undervalued and overworked. Lacking role models for how to be a successful working woman, balancing a family and social life while being a whole person getting her needs and desires met.

In the west, the concept of the ideal woman we’re shown is the consummate caretaker.

She’s the one who intuits everyone else's needs, but her own. She cooks for her family, cleans up after her family, or if she doesn’t have a family she erodes her boundaries and erases herself in other ways.

Maybe she’s in a service based job like teaching or nursing that reinforces that her value resides in taking care of others and not having needs herself.

Cue the image of those tombstones that read only: Loving Wife and Mother

The women I know want SO. MUCH. MORE.

They’re sick of feeling like they don’t matter, they’re sick of denying their own needs and...

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The biggest problem I see in my clients {+ join us!!}

empowerment Jun 16, 2022

Wanna guess the biggest problem I see in my coaching clients?

It’s looking outside of themselves for the answers rather than trusting they have the answers inside

The problem lies not in your ability to know what you want but in the ways you keep yourself busy, distracted, and unable to listen deeply.

For many years I ran away and hid from the truth inside me that knew what I wanted and knew what I was meant to do.

I kept myself busy chasing the next achievement, whether that was the next triathlon or work award.

I kept my schedule so full I never had time to actually slow down enough to really know how I was doing.

I was more closely acquainted with my doubt, criticism and fear than I was with my deep empowered truth.

I did all of these things because I was terrified of admitting that I actually *did* know what I wanted.

Because then I would actually be responsible for making it happen or being disappointed with my life

One of the tools that’s hugely helped me...

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On becoming more myself

empowerment Jun 10, 2022

I’m stepping out of a new box right now and letting my true self and mission in the world be seen more. There are so many boxes I’ve stepped out of in my life: perfectionist, people pleaser, overachiever, emotional caretaker, and corporate employee to name a few.

Each time I’ve dared to step out of a new box, it’s felt incredibly terrifying, as if the fear could actually kill me, not just paralyze me. You see I’m a security oriented person, so I freaking get how scary it is to make these big life changes.

If you’re familiar with the Enneagram, I’m a self preservation type. I orient to safety and material resources to help me feel safe and stable. Inevitably, stepping out of a box brings up all these fears — will I be able to survive this! What will it be like on the other side? Will I still belong? Will I have what I need?

I know some of you look to me as inspiration for what’s possible when you figure out what you really want...

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Why is receiving so damn hard? 💔

empowerment Jun 02, 2022

Have you ever wondered why it’s so damn hard to receive?






 For some of us, receiving  can make us feel like crawling under the bed

I’ve been having some conversations with clients in Radiance Collective, my six-month group coaching program, who have hugely impacted the lives of the people they work with and support.

As they close out chapters with these organizations, they’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of genuine love and appreciation coming their way.

It can be physically painful to feel love. Why is that?

For those of us who didn’t get all of our needs for affection and love met by attuned empathetic caregivers growing up, love can actually feel unsafe, since it's unfamiliar.

If you’ve been hurt by somebody (which comes with the territory of being human, aka this is ALL of us) opening your heart to receive can feel like you’re opening yourself up to being hurt again.


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All the ways we hold ourselves back ❤️

empowerment May 26, 2022

A million different times in a million different ways we hold ourselves back from what we most want.

We say we don’t know what we want. If we only knew…we could do something about it.

We justify the path we’re on by saying this is what everyone else is doing, this is what we got our degree in, this is what our parents think is right, this must be it.

We get a glimmer of something that lights us up, a new possibility, a new idea that sends a little jolt of energy up our spine, but we say no, no our life is pretty good as it is, people like me don’t do that, I don’t want to risk it.

We actually get a really clear vision of our ideal life. We can see where we are, the people around us and what our life looks and feels like but we’re terrified of what people will think…she did whaaaat!?

Maybe we actually make the leap and try to make it happen right away but it doesn’t come together as easily and quickly as we wanted so we give up and...

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My brain says you’ll hate me for this

empowerment May 19, 2022

My brain says you’ll hate me for this….and maybe you will! I can take that.

What I can’t take is women martyring themselves while claiming to be of service, making themselves small and denying their own needs in order to be liked and not make a scene.

We do not exist to prop up this f*cked system. To exist on breadcrumbs while we give and give and give, trying to keep our families, our schools, and the rest of it afloat.

Maybe it’s time we see what happens when we stop feeling responsible for holding it all together.

Maybe it’s time we take a stand for our own boundaries.

Boundaries = I know what I want and need and I am a stand for that.

Boundaries don’t prevent me from being generous.

Boundaries are actually what enable me to be generous.

If I don’t have boundaries, I’m not generous. I’m people pleasing, self-sacrificing and martyring myself while calling it generosity.

This is my story of owning what I desire to be paid for...

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Ever have those days when nothing is going your way? 😡

empowerment May 12, 2022

The day I traveled to Santa Fe to see my coach was one of those days when NOTHING was going my way…

Packing and getting to the airport felt stressful

I got a middle seat

I fucked up timezones and booked a shuttle to my hotel that left as our plane was
landing and had to spend $75 on a lyft

As we pulled into Santa Fe the air was brown with smoke from a pretty bad fire nearby

I was prepared for it to be smoky for my trip and for that to basically ruin all my plans.

On top of allll that I was paranoid that I was getting covid because a friend I had seen earlier that week tested positive and that would *really* ruin my plans.

So I did what any wellness oriented millennial would do, panic spent $80 at Whole Foods on coconut water and immunity boosting potions.

I walked into town for dinner wearing a mask because I had a headache from the smoke.

I tried to get into the flow and walk around downtown to find a restaurant we tried to go to last time I was here. But I couldn't find it...

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Calling all Bay Area Babes! 📢📢📢

empowerment May 05, 2022

I hosted my first women's circle about 10 years ago.

I printed a how to lead a new moon circle article I found on the internet and invited my roommates to join me in the living room.

We moved the coffee table and pushed back the chairs so there was room for us to all sit in a little circle on the floor.

We lit candles, meditated, and took turns sharing our intentions for the new moon while we dropped essential oils into a bowl of Epsom salts.

Once we set our intentions, we divided the fragrant bath salts into individual containers so we could each take a bath and quite literally soak in our intentions.

Do I think the bath salts are magic? Not exactly

Do I think they have power? Yes

When we take action with intention, miraculous things can occur.

Rituals like this speak to deeper parts of the brain than if we had just told ourselves—I want this thing to happen in the next two weeks.

When we get more of you, more of your brain, more of your body, onboard with your desires, they...

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