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The biggest problem I see in my clients {+ join us!!}

empowerment Jun 16, 2022

Wanna guess the biggest problem I see in my coaching clients?

It’s looking outside of themselves for the answers rather than trusting they have the answers inside 👀

The problem lies not in your ability to know what you want but in the ways you keep yourself busy, distracted, and unable to listen deeply.

For many years I ran away and hid from the truth inside me that knew what I wanted and knew what I was meant to do.

I kept myself busy chasing the next achievement, whether that was the next triathlon or work award.

I kept my schedule so full I never had time to actually slow down enough to really know how I was doing.

I was more closely acquainted with my doubt, criticism and fear than I was with my deep empowered truth.

I did all of these things because I was terrified of admitting that I actually *did* know what I wanted.

Because then I would actually be responsible for making it happen or being disappointed with my life 🔥

One of the tools that’s hugely helped me figure out what I really want in life has been gathering in circles of women.

In intentional, reflective and powerful spaces where I’ve been able to listen deeply enough to be able to put voice to my own thoughts, opinions and desires.

And be inspired and supported by other women being brave enough to do this work.

In said circles (like the one I’m leading next week ;) each woman has a certain amount of time to speak, which is always an invitation not a command.

It’s not a premeditated speech, it’s an opportunity to free speak, like you would free write and be witnessed and supported in whatever is uncovered in that process.

Free speaking has been such a powerful tool for me to:

✨ Access my truth

✨ Become more authentic

✨ Get in touch with my desires

✨ Feel more connected to women

✨ Feel more powerful and confident

I have yet to have a client who wasn’t able to figure out what they want in life.

With the right time and space that allowed them to feel safe enough to actually listen past the doubts, fears and anxieties to their truth.

It’s not a question of whether you know what is right for you or not, it’s a question of whether you have to  s p a c e  to listen.

Creating the space for you to connect to the part of you that knows is what I do and I’m inviting you to experience it for free:

Ladies Night In: An Evening Just For You

Tuesday June 21st 5:30 PM PST

If you’re thinking – please god no, not another zoom meeting…

Please know that in my spaces you’re always in choice about how you participate, including whether you speak, whether your video is on, whether you let yourself lie down or rest your eyes. And I will guide us to create a present reflective space, together.

If you’re thinking – it feels totally absurd to sign up for something called Ladies Night when your life is a busy hot mess and there’s a million other productive things you *should* be doing during that time…

I’m here to tell you slowing down, connecting with yourself and getting back to center is the best possible way you could spend an evening. You deserve this.

When was the last time you had an evening just for you to feel connected and filled up? 

It’s time. Join us!


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