Ladies Night In

An evening just for you – Tuesday, June 21st

Hi, I’m Alyssa and I'm a life coach for ambitious women. I'm here to help you figure out what you truly want and build the courage to go after it. There's one common desire I've noticed with clients recently: deep community and connection. If you've asked this question recently, I hope you'll join us:

“Am I always going to feel this lonely and disconnected?”

The honest truth is, most of us are lonely

We’re at over two years and counting of covid and a lot has happened for us individually and collectively in that time:

Losses, Loves, Endings, Beginnings, Confusion, Struggle, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

At the same time, many of us lost community and social support that helps us feel like we belong and reminds us of who we are, especially when things are hard.

Humans are social animals.

We know ourselves by being known. Which begs the question –

If we are not witnessed, do we even exist?

But the sisterhood wound keeps us apart

As much as we deeply desire connection and soul friendship, we may also feel unsafe around other women because of this thing called the “sisterhood wound.”

In patriarchy, women are taught that there are limited resources – jobs, leadership positions, love interests, and more. This leads us to feel like we have to compete with one another, tell on one another, be guarded around one another, instead of trusting and feeling like we can be vulnerable and honest.

It can feel just as unsafe to share the hardest of the hard that we’re going through as it feels to share the brilliant wins in our life and truly celebrate ourselves and let ourselves be celebrated.

This is for you if:

  • Wine and gossip just doesn't cut it anymore
  • You're sick of the only “safe” topics of conversation being the last vacation you went on and the one you’re dreaming about
  • You hate feeling unsatisfied after spending time with friends because you didn’t actually talk about anything that actually matters
  • You don't want your coach or therapist to be the only one who knows the "real" you
  • You're hungry to belong with other women
  • You know vulnerability is essential to becoming a better leader, friend, partner and mother, but struggle to find places to practice this skill



Ladies Night In: A Night Just For You

You create magical experiences for your clients, family, students and employees. You deserve one night to let someone else lead and receive all the good you so generously give.

Meditate & Ground

Whether you're moving so fast you don't know which way is up or feel like you're stuck in cement, the answer is coming back the body to that calm wellspring of energy that lies in all of us. I'll lead us in body-based meditation practices to connect us to ourselves, the group and dropped in space.

Nourish & Resource

You deserve one night to let someone else lead, hold space and receive all the good you so can continue to so generously give. You can't pour from an empty cup. Feel how nourishing and resourcing it is to have just one night of true presence and connection, dropped into your body and the group.

Witness & Connect

This event is for you if you're dying to answer the question – how are you, really? And you're ready to feel how connective and restorative it can be to witness and be witnessed in authentic and vulnerable spaces. Won't you join us?

Ladies Night In

Join me and a group of badass women for a free virtual women's circle to slow down, drop in and fill yourself up.

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Ladies Night In

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