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Hi, I’m Alyssa and not long ago, I left my job at Google after 7 years. During those 7 years, I faced health crisis after crisis. First it was a digestive disorder, next an autoimmune condition and finally came the chronic fatigue. I felt like I had lost my shine, my zest for life. I no longer had the energy to do the things I loved and was left wondering:

“Am I always going to feel this tired and unfulfilled?”

Here's what I believe to be true:

  • burnout can be a portal to the life you most desire
  • reclaiming your energy, aliveness and passion is totally doable
  • my integrated personalized approach will show you how

You can end burnout by:

  • reclaiming your body as a source of nourishment
  • transforming the patterns underlying burnout
  • and taking radical responsibility for your own life

You’re a badass lady killin’ in your career, but...

  • You feel exhausted at the end of the day
  • Your whole life you’ve done what you thought you were supposed to do (excel in school, land the job, get the next promotion...) and now you’re left wondering what you really want
  • You live by your to-do list and struggle to relax, trust others and ask for help
  • You’re facing or have faced burn-out in the form of exhaustion or a health crisis and haven’t been able to fully recover your vitality and spark for life
  • You’ve tried practices like meditation and yoga and may have even stuck with them for awhile, but it’s always felt like a “should do” and not something that really lights you up

The 3 Beliefs Holding You Back From Feeling Alive, Radiant and Inspired

Myth #1

Burn-out is inevitable

Feeling tired is a signal from our body that something harmful or unsustainable is happening. We choose when to slow down or our body will choose for us in the form of illness or disease.

Exhaustion is a symptom of a deeper imbalance. In the women I work with, it’s often a deeper belief that we’re not worthy (of love, of belonging) unless we achieve great things. By addressing this underlying sense of not being enough, we can halt the cycle of burn-out for good.

Myth #2

I have to quit my job

We can get hung up by giving our job so much power over our happiness. Yes, it can feel deeply fulfilling to work in an industry that’s aligned with our values, but don’t let that delay your happiness.

Sure, a time may come when it makes sense to make a career change, but how can you start feeling the way you most want to feel today? What are small steps you can take to build more connection, more joy, more pleasure into your work day right now?

Myth #3

I’ll be happy when...

We delay our happiness by saying we’ll be happy when... we’re able to afford a house, graduate from school, get married, lose 10 pounds or start a family. You deserve to be happy now. 

I’m passionate about teaching women how to stop waiting – for someone to save them, for the time to be right, for the stars to align. There is only right now and I don’t want you to waste another moment of your life not feeling energized, happy and alive.

The truth is, you can have whatever you want.

You’re a smart, creative, dedicated woman. I have total confidence that you can create a life that lights you up. Are you ready to believe in yourself and say yes to the life you deserve?

My whole life, I’ve done what my family, my teachers, society expected of me

And I was damn good at it! I attended Stanford University and landed a job at Google after graduation. A few years into my career, I started to face diagnosis after diagnosis. Fortunately, my failing health led me to pursue Yoga Teacher Training and a Master’s in Integrative Health which helped me heal from one condition after another. In my final master’s thesis project I investigated the health implications of women tackling demanding careers while still doing the majority of housework and emotional labor in their families. My research led me to the source of a woman’s power – her sexuality.

The vast majority of coaching and therapeutic modalities conveniently ignore sexuality, either because quality professional training in this area is very hard to find and/or because of professionals’ own discomfort, shame and judgement around these topics (thank you, patriarchy!). I believe reclaiming our sexuality is essential to women’s empowerment and any practitioner working with women is doing them a disservice if they’re unprepared to navigate these waters.

After my graduate program, I decided to enroll in not one but two (over-achiever in recovery here people!) certifications in Sex, Love and Relationships, with a focus on Women’s Empowerment. The year I spent devoted to these programs was the most transformative and liberating of my life. It wasn’t until I learned to take responsibility for my own happiness and pleasure that I finally ended the cycle of burnout in my life.


Thousands of years of patriarchy have severed women from our sense of power, desire and confidence.

It is intense work to confront the ways in which we’ve been holding ourselves back from what we most want. But we only get one shot at this life and I don’t want you to wake up one morning with regrets about the life you lived. I am here to hold your hand and light the way as we do the radical work of reclaiming our true power as women and finally creating the life we most want.

I stand for your power.

I stand for your pleasure.

I stand for your freedom.


Radiance 1:1 Coaching: Banish Burnout & Reclaim Your Life

The radical, transformative, life-changing program to end the cycle of burnout for good.



My Signature Radiant Pleasure Method

A unique personalized coaching process that shows you how to nourish yourself with pleasure, transform the patterns underlying burnout and take radical responsibility for your life. 

Nourish Yourself with Pleasure

Learn breathwork, meditation and embodiment practices to balance your nervous system and regenerate energy in your own body to feel more free, alive and connected.

Transform the Patterns Underlying Burnout

Investigate the patterns that led you to burnout, use embodied relational processes to release their hold and prevent the cycle of burnout from progressing.

Take Radical Responsibility for Your Life

Empowerment is ultimately about feeling free to choose, create and ultimately live the life you most want. I support your process to claim your power and your voice in service of living the life that lights you up.

3 Simple Reasons Why Radiance Works

We work with all three parts of the brain

By working with all three levels of the brain in a space of deep connection between coach and client we create a transformative space where deep reprogramming of belief systems, thought patterns, and realities can occur. By doing work on all three levels of the brain we bring your full intelligence online in service of your desires and help you get lasting results.

We contextualize your experience

You do not exist in a vacuum. Your personal problems are political ones. I help you understand how the way in which you were raised and the societal messages you received have impacted your life and can either hold you hostage or liberate you.

We orient towards acceptance

There’s a common misconception that if I accept and unconditionally love myself, I’ll stop improving and growing. But there’s a big difference between self-improvement and true growth. Self-improvement is fueled by self-hatred, judgement and shame. When you take care of yourself because you love yourself and desire to feel more powerful and alive, that’s true growth.

You Can Expect To Feel More

  • Energized, radiant and full of life
  • Connected to your loved ones
  • Free to live the life you most want
  • Capable of speaking up and advocating for yourself
  • Worthy of what you desire and confident in getting it
  • Connected to and trusting your inner wisdom

Dedicated Support For You

  • 6 months of guided support for your transformation
  • 1 x 2 hour intensive visioning session to set the goals, vision and agreements for our work together
  • 12 x 75 minute biweekly coaching sessions
  • Affirmations, meditations, reflections and practices selected just for you
  • Have me in your pocket between sessions with Voxer voice and text messaging app

"Alyssa's work is paradigm-shifting and life-changing.”

"Alyssa's work is paradigm-shifting and life-changing. As an attorney with perfectionistic tendencies, I have spent my adult life focused on productivity and external achievement. Alyssa helped me realize that these are coping mechanisms to deal with a feeling that I am not enough as I am. She brings me back to my inherent worth and connects me to my own strength, goodness, and power. With Alyssa, I'm learning the tools to prioritize these things and to deeply nourish myself. The more I have fun and feel good every day, the more life flows effortlessly and I realize I don't have to work so hard to experience the life that I want."

Julia S

Ready To Take The Next Step?

As I rebuild my 1:1 practice, I'm offering price points to work with me as low as 1/3 my full price rates while spots last! No payment is due before booking a free call with me, nor are you obligated to commit.

6 Months of Coaching


or $500/month

2 x 75 minute sessions per month

Custom homework (e.g., meditations) 




6 Months of Coaching


or $750/month

2 x 75 minute sessions per month

Custom homework (e.g. meditations)

Pleasure as Medicine online course access



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6 Months of Coaching


or $1100/month

2 x 75 minute sessions per month

Custom homework (e.g. meditations)

Messaging support

Pleasure as Medicine live group course


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6 Months of Coaching


or $1500/month

2 x 75 minute sessions per month

Custom homework (e.g. meditations)

Messaging support

Pleasure as Medicine live group course

In-person retreat day with me!!!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things you might be wondering about and I encourage you to book a call so I can answer all your questions.

This program is for all self-identified women and those of gender identifications (gender queer, nonbinary, agender, etc) impacted by cultural conditioning around what it is to be feminine and be a woman. This work is for you if you're ready to stop feeling exhausted and start feeling alive and lit-up by life. This may not be right for you if you’re facing a serious immobilizing health crisis. It is important to find some level of stability in your health before engaging in this work. I may recommend that you work with a doctor, therapist or healing practitioner before or alongside our work together. On our enrollment call we can discuss any concerns like this and decide whether Radiance is right for you at this time.

I specialize in helping burned-out high-achieving women regain balance, stability and joy in their lives drawing on my training in trauma-informed high-performance coaching, tantra, sexuality and embodiment, mindfulness and nervous system regulation.

The clients I work with appreciate my loving, attuned and grounded presence. They say I create a safe space where they can go deep and emerge transformed. 

I am a VITA™ Certified Women's Empowerment Coach with over 650 hours training and supervision. My training with the Somatica® Institute in Embodiment and Sexuality and my Master's in Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching all influence my work.


We meet online via Zoom approximately every other week. Most clients choose to do 2 x 90 minute sessions per month, but some prefer meeting more often. I also offer 3 x 75 minute sessions per month or 4 x 60 minute sessions. Some clients prefer to do phone instead of Zoom and we can do that too.

We get to figure out which format feels the most supportive and doable for your life.

I am located in California and most sessions are held on weekdays in the early evenings Pacific time, but there is flexibility to adjust to your schedule.

Virtual coaching sessions involve talking, meditation, embodied breathing practices and relational therapeutic practices.

During each coaching session, we work with what organically arises, but here’s an example of what coaching session might look like:

It’s so much easier to achieve your goals when you’re clear on what it is that you actually want! The desire mapping process helps you get crystal clear on what you truly desire.

Next, we embark on a guided imagery experience engaging all five senses to create a concrete vision of the reality in which you are living this desire fully. This serves two purposes: it creates a vivid goal for you to move towards and it creates a lived experience of this reality in your body so your brain knows you can survive it.

When pieces of your resistance, fear, doubt or habitual thought patterns come up throughout the session, we work with them in real-time to bring them into alignment with the vision you most desire.

Each session includes a specific therapeutic practice to transform your blockages, rewire your beliefs and move you in the direction of your goal.

Each session concludes with customized homework that you can practice as home to sustain what shifted in the session.

It’s up to you and how much time you’re ready and willing to commit. I recommend scheduling one 90 minute coaching session every other week and doing 3 x 20 minute practices in between sessions to accelerate your transformation. But I also operate under the belief that you get exactly what you need, whether you just show up to our sessions or do all of the homework.

The investment is $1,500 per month for six months. This program is not for everyone. If you have the resources and desire, I would love to have a conversation and help you get to clarity around whether this is right for you.

I do offer extended payment plans to right-fit clients to whom that would make the difference in being able to access this work or not.

When I talk about sexuality, I’m referring to a person’s relationship to their erotic nature and connection to what brings them alive, what lights them up and energizes them in the world. I’ve found in my own life and with clients that our relationship to our sexuality mirrors how we engage in the world.

When we learn to feel worthy of pleasure, express our desires, set boundaries and ask for what we want in relationship to sex, we’re then able to use those same skills with our families, our co-workers and our communities. I also firmly believe that learning to reclaim your sexuality for your own pleasure, your own nourishment, can empower you to walk in the world with more confidence, energy and radiance.

Although sexuality is only a part of the work I do with women, I think it's essential to address because women's sexual disempowerment accompanied our financial, social and political disempowerment. To achieve true empowerment, we must include our sexual empowerment.

It's my intention to create a safe and welcoming space to talk about things that we don't normally get space to talk about in daily life.

I am a cis-gendered hetero white woman and I work with those who identify as women, across all sexual orientations and races. I am doing the work to acknowledge my privilege and support anti-racist, inclusive agendas and have more work to do here. I understand that working with a coach who matches your life experiences can be very helpful and I would be happy to refer you to a coach who closely matches yours.

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I fully believe in my ability to integrate unconscious obstacles blocking you from living the life you desire. I know that the coaching methodology I practice works on all three levels of your brain to get you the most transformative results, quickly.

And I know that when you combine goals rooted in desire with deep relational processes, mindset coaching and embodiment nearly anything is possible! 

I can’t guarantee any specific results because each client has a different desires so results will vary from client to client. Please read the testimonials on this page and elsewhere on my site for real results from my clients.

Limited Time Bonuses

I am currently offering these pricing tiers while I rebuild my 1:1 practice, which each include limited bonuses like...

  • A free spot in my self-study six-week course Pleasure as Medicine ($997 value) OR in the live group coaching version of the course ($1200 value!)
  • In-person retreat day fully tailored to you and your needs in the Full Works coaching tier!
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“You've empowered me to realize that I am capable and worthy of my vision.”

"During the time we’ve worked together, you have invited me to set an ambitious vision for myself. You've empowered me to realize that I'm capable and worthy of that vision. Through this process, I have faced trauma, built self-love, reconnected with my body, and established new healthy habits. As if that wasn't enough, I just received a job offer with a $30k salary increase from my current position. This new role will align with all three key aspects of my vision: To reach my creative potential, make enough money to enjoy life, and feel a sense of freedom. I don't know how to thank you enough for helping me flourish and thrive. I will forever be grateful for you. Thank you for empowering women; the world needs you!"

Kate R.

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