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I’ve done a lot of outrageous things in my life

empowerment Jun 30, 2022

I’ve done a lot of outrageous things in my life 

Things that definitely did not make sense at the time but looking back make complete sense and I’m so glad I did!

Signed up for a yearlong women's group without knowing a thing about the leader or who else would be in the group simply because it felt like what I needed

Told my boss years before I left that I did not see myself at this company in five years and that I wanted to start my own coaching business so we could align my career goals to my actual life goal instead of a fake one of climbing the ladder

Lived rather frugally compared to my tech salary and spent $$$ on grad school, therapy, coaching and meditation retreats instead

Left said high paying stable job with all the benefits to jump head first into a multi year long coaching program on sex, love and relationships, of all things!

Went deep with my peers on a healing retreat in the Mexican jungle to release shame and feelings of inadequacy and step into my most powerful unapologetic self

Didn’t jump at the chance to marry an amazing man. Took my time. Traveled solo. Connected deeply with myself. Questioned the institution of marriage. Let myself decide what commitment means to me. Note: we’re engaged, not married yet but def will get married, just taking our sweet time ;)

Invested more in coaching for myself than on rent even while my business is still building because I decided long ago that I always get to be supported by the very best hands, I believe deeply in the power of coaching and I know I am my best self when I am deeply supported

Another outrageous thing I’ve done is create Radiance Collective! A space that’s just for high-achieving women to come back to themselves, release the baggage they’re carrying and feel deeply seen, supported and connected week after week.

If something about it feels outrageous to you, but also compelling, I invite you to look a little deeper. What exactly feels outrageous – the investment? commitment? subject?

Can you perhaps imagine investing that much time, energy, or money into a certification but not into something that’s just for you? 😳 I see this one so often!! It’s one of the manifestations of highly successful women struggling to let themselves receive.

We can help ourselves open up to receiving all the goodness life has to offer by pushing our own edges, and giving ourselves something that feels utterly outrageous to receive.

I know it’s a big decision to make. I am happy to hold space for your questions and decision making process by guiding you back to your truth again and again. My goal is always to help you get to an aligned yes or no, not to convince you.

Let’s start the conversation so you have plenty of time to decide whether this is for you before doors close July 18th.

Themes we’ll be touching on throughout our six months together in Radiance Collective: celebrating your way to success, knowing your value at work, being more by doing less, accessing the power of your voice, life as service, and self care as a form of rebellion!

It’s a PERFECT time to dive into these topics and I cannot wait!!

Looking forward to hearing from you 😘


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