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What if it all works out? [24 hrs left!]

empowerment Aug 04, 2022

I’m writing to you from Phoenix en route to Scotland to meet up with friends for the Fringe Festival and to roam the highlands and islands for the next two weeks!

As I prepare to be mostly in vacation mode for the next two weeks I wanted to share what’s been on my heart this week.

Which is this simple question: What if it all works out?

In my darker and more doubtful times (which often become more intense in direct inverse relationship to the bigness of what I’m trying to accomplish or shift) I sometimes remember to ask myself this question which functions as a very effective pattern interrupt.

What if it all works out?

Because if it all works out and you actually achieve the outcome you most desire, and life gets to be as good as you always hoped, you’re gonna look back and laugh at yourself for all the times you doubted.

For all the times you questioned, second guessed, lost faith in yourself and lost track of your vision.

But what if your trust and self-belief could be so strong that you could actually enjoy the wild ride to getting what you want, which is basically life!

And what if that could actually help you achieve your goals even faster than you thought was possible?

What you dream of is so much closer than it feels. You’re so prepared. You’re so ready. It’s time to open up to the possibility that it gets to happen for you.

How would you live your life if you truly believed that what you wanted was not only possible, but inevitable?

And that you didn’t need to be any different than you are right now for that to happen?

I can tell you what I’ve seen in my own life and with clients — life feels WAY BETTER when we believe in ourselves and in the highest possibility for our lives ✨

Don’t believe me quite yet? Give it a try! Sit with the question: What if it all works out for me?

Or better yet join us in Radiance Collective where you’ll bask in the collective momentum of other women choosing to believe they are enough just as they are to have everything they want right the fuck now and receive expert coaching and support when they wobble

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Hop on in

Can’t wait to welcome you!


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