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I have a vision πŸŒ–

empowerment Jul 07, 2022

I have a vision of 15 women gathered around the fire, each of us seated on a large stone

Each of us is here to unburden ourselves of the heaviness we carry

Each of us is here to remember that we’re not meant to do this alone

Each of us is here to practice letting ourselves receive all the goodness in our lives

Each of us is here to practice a new way of being our most powerful self, one that is flexible, not rigid, and one that is intentional, not reactive

Each of us is here to learn, perhaps for the first time in our lives, how to take exceptional care of ourselves, of our minds, bodies, energy and emotions

Each of us is here to remember how incredibly important, worthy and powerful each one of us truly is

This is how I visualize my work

Instead of being on a stage or behind a lectern, I am a part of the circle of women gathered around the fire to tell our stories and inspire one another

The circle of firelight a buffer of warmth and protection that warms our bones and fortifies us for the inevitable walk into the darkness, the unknown

Because that’s what life is if we are people who value and prioritize growth

Growth requires discomfort, necessitates uncertainty and inspires our greatest courage

It's vulnerable to name this vision and desire of mine. Because it’s not yet realized. And still I know there are 10 more of you out there ready to step into the circle with me

I’m taking the first step to say I’m open and ready to welcome you and cheer you on as you claim what is rightfully yours, but the next move is all yours.

Ready to take up your seat by the fire with me?

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