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What people don’t get about empowerment

empowerment Jul 28, 2022

Here’s the thing people don’t get about empowerment work that often trips them up

If you want to feel powerful and in charge of your life and capable of making the dreams you have for your life come true

You’re going to have to confront the things in the way of you feeling powerful

The icky body shame

That one critical comment someone close to you made when you expressed your true calling

The unworthiness that makes you feel guilty for having anything more than other people

That’s right, this path is not all sunshine and rainbows

I can assure you that as soon as you choose your power, some shit is going to come up

And I hope that when that happens you have someone in your corner to lovingly point out that the stories and “reasons” about why it’s not safe, not okay, too much to claim what you most want may not ultimately be true

They’re stories and you get to investigate whether they still serve you or are in need of an update

As you get stronger and stronger you’ll see how you can move more quickly and easily though the next level of healing and releasing and become even more unapologetically you 💥

Because ultimately that’s what this work is about. Getting to fully, freely, unapologetically be who you truly are and want what your little heart wants

There’s no way I would be where I am today without support. Coaches, therapists and mentors who have stood by me, held me through the wobbles and reminded me of my power

And it would be my absolute honor to support you on this journey

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