Radiance Collective

Four month mastermind for ambitious women

I spent seven years of my life working in tech before I felt courageous enough to follow my true soul’s calling. I know what it’s like to feel burned out and overwhelmed even if you think you your situation is "not so bad" compared to the next gal and who am I to want more!?! I know what it’s like to deny deny deny that little voice that knows what's right for you – in work, relationship and life. So I ask you:

“Are you ready to believe it's possible for you?”

"I used to have so much stress and anxiety built up over feeling like I didn't have control over how I felt, but it turns out I do! How I felt was always determined by how I perceived I was viewed by others."

– Radiance Collective Participant

I believe you get to be and have it all...

And it all starts with the permission to be exactly where you are AND want what you want. You get to...

  • be a messy work in progress and the powerful leader who shows up with commitment for herself and those who count on her 💃
  • be a devoted partner with a full-on family life and the enlivening adventures your soul craves 💋
  • hustle 9-5 or more like 8-7 AND be fully committed to your personal healing and growth 🌀
  • believe in universal magic 💫 while being fully freaking human aka stuck in your own 💩 and held back by perceived limitations about what's possible for you


The Radiance Collective Mastermind

A mastermind is a group coaching program with people healing, growing and desiring similar things. Everyone's growth supports and expands one another. Together we will:

Figure out what you want

Through sharing circles, ritual, meditation and visualization you'll learn to access your intuition and inner knowing around what you most want and set a powerful intention to create it in your life.

Believe you get to have it

What do you most want? What fears, doubts, and stories tell you you don't get to have it? We'll dive into these and break their hold so you can feel worthy, deserving and capable of having it all.

Take aligned action

I'll show you the mindset practices and embodiment work I do on the regular to feel my most empowered and confident so I can keep take action towards my dreams even when it feels scary.

Results Participants Are Experiencing

Clearer decision making

Experience the freedom, peace and clarity that awaits when you consciously step out of your logical, thinking mind (which is brilliant, but also prone to spirals!) and tune into the deeper wisdom of your full-brain and body and listen to the part of you that just k-n-o-w-s! As known as your intuition or inner knower...we'll get that puppy fired up and turned on.

Self-trust & belief in your abilities

For so many of us high-achievers, our first instinct is to be critical and hard on ourselves. I'll teach you practices to release fear and self doubt so you can continue moving towards the goals, dreams and desires meant for you. The more we learn to face into and see our doubts and fears as self-protective creations of our own mind, rather than the capital T Truth the more committed and capable we will feel taking action towards our dreams.

Literal #lifegoals coming true

In this program participants have exited toxic relationships, carved out time as busy mothers, landed their dream job, redefined success in their careers and made the leap into entrepreneurship. Wherever your path is calling you, we're here to support your along the way. It all comes down to the same formula – figure out what you *really* want, do the work to believe you get to have it and take aligned action.

"I trust my body has the wisdom that I need. I trust I already have the power to find fulfillment in my life and work. I trust I am capable and worthy of utilizing it. I am trusting through the fear."

– Radiance Collective Participant

This might be for you if...

  • You've checked all the traditional boxes of success but still find yourself tossing & turning in bed at night because something feels off
  • You take time to do the “self-care” things like get a massage or pedicure and aren't sure if it even helped or if it did the benefits are worn off way too soon
  • You have a niggling feeling that you're "out of alignment" but not really sure what that means and kinda scared to find out
  • You feel disconnected and lonely but making and nurturing deep soul friendships feels daunting
  • You'd love to feel more confident and empowered to make your career, relationship and life dreams a reality

"My anxiety has decreased. I've stopped caring so much about what other people think and have learned to pay more attention to myself."

– Radiance Collective Participant

What You Get

  • Weekly Support: Weekly group coaching, teaching and practice calls Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 PM Pacific
  • Online Portal: Lifetime access to video recordings of our teaching and practice calls for you to refer back to anytime
  • Voxer Messaging Group: Celebrate, connect and ask for support from me or our community of powerhouse women in between calls
  • EARLYBIRD BONUS: Intimate luxe in-person dinner with the first six women who enroll!

Radiance Collective

One Payment

1 x Payment of $4,500 ($4,500)

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Radiance Collective

Two Payments

2 x Payments of $2,250 ($4,500)

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Radiance Collective

Six Payments

6 x Payments of $750 ($4,500)

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“You've empowered me to realize that I am capable and worthy of my vision.”

A few more details

  • We begin September 6th, 2022 and run through the beginning of January 2023
  • Our VIP Dinner is slotted for the evening of Saturday, September 10th
  • Weekly calls are slotted for 5:30-6:30 PM Pacific time on Tuesdays
  • If you're interested but the dates/times aren't ideal or you want to make sure this is for you – please schedule a call with me!
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"I trust my body has the wisdom that I need."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, schedule a call with me above.

This program is for all self-identified women and those of gender identifications (gender queer, nonbinary, agender, etc) impacted by cultural conditioning around what it is to be feminine and be a woman. This may not be right for you if you’re facing a serious immobilizing health crisis. It is important to find some level of stability in your health before engaging in this work. I may recommend that you work with a doctor or healing practitioner before or alongside our work together. Book a call with me below to discuss any concerns like this and decide whether Radiance Collective is right for you at this time.

We meet every Tuesday 5:30-6:30 PM with a couple off-weeks. Each week of the month has a different theme for our weekly calls.

Each month will go like this:

Week 1: Group Coaching

Week 2: Teaching

Week 3: Group Coaching

Week 4: Practice

Teaching topics will range from mindset work to accessing your intuition, connecting with your most wise and powerful self.

Practice topics will be live guided journaling, meditation or breathwork and movement practices to apply and anchor into your body the topic of that month's teaching.

A group coaching container brings together people healing, growing and desiring similar things. You grow and expand together. Everyone's growth supports and expands one another. You may learn a lot just from hearing someone else's process!

Each week everyone gets allotted time (typically ~10 minutes) for "hot seat" coaching to share and be coached by me, while being witnessed and morally supported by the group.

It’s up to you and how much time you’re ready and willing to commit. We have a 60 minute call every week, with two-three off-weeks over the four months.

There will be options to do meditation or journaling practices on your own outside of that time, but that is optional. The main thing is to carve out the space to show up for our live calls!

In the event you cannot join us live, we will record the call for you to review later.

What is it that you really really want?

It's time to believe it's possible for you too.


Say Yes to Your Radiance

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