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What we get wrong about the feminine 🌹{{earlybird closing!}}

empowerment Jun 23, 2022

A lot of women end up working with me after feeling burnt out trying to make it as a woman in a man’s world.

Undervalued and overworked. Lacking role models for how to be a successful working woman, balancing a family and social life while being a whole person getting her needs and desires met.

In the west, the concept of the ideal woman we’re shown is the consummate caretaker.

She’s the one who intuits everyone else's needs, but her own. She cooks for her family, cleans up after her family, or if she doesn’t have a family she erodes her boundaries and erases herself in other ways.

Maybe she’s in a service based job like teaching or nursing that reinforces that her value resides in taking care of others and not having needs herself.

Cue the image of those tombstones that read only: Loving Wife and Mother 😳🤮

The women I know want SO. MUCH. MORE.

They’re sick of feeling like they don’t matter, they’re sick of denying their own needs and taking on way too much, without letting themselves receive all the things they want!

In the eastern wisdom traditions like Taosim and Tantra, the essence of the feminine is about RECEIVING, not giving.

What does it do to us to think that our value resides in how much we can give, rather than how well we can let ourselves receive?

How different would your life be if your concept of the ideal woman was a well-rested, well-supported woman who knew how to take a compliment, ask for help, and graciously receive all the love, support, and goodness that wanted to come her way?

Like really…what changes for you when you evaluate your own life compared to the benchmark of how well can you receive rather than how much can you give?

I really want you to consider this. Journal on it. Sit with it.

And then consider what some of the things are that you really, maybe secretly, want but can’t imagine yourself receiving…

Maybe it’s being well-compensated for your valuable work, maybe it’s having your partner bring you delicious food while you’re in a meeting, or getting regular time off from parenting to fulfill your own wildest dreams.

There’s a tide changing in our world right now. Women are no longer settling for shitty bosses, toxic work culture and rigid policies not designed for them, especially moms.

Many of us don’t have the role models we wish we could have

Because we are here to become them 🔥

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