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empowerment Nov 10, 2022

If you’re reading this, you’re one of few. Maybe we’re friends, classmates, colleagues or you magically found me on the internet or don’t even remember where.

The truth is I have a very small audience and honestly I like it that way!

I know it can feel like you’re one of millions when you get an email but if you’re reading this you are one of hundreds (or like a hundred who are actually reading this!)

Somehow thousands of people read my blog and I honestly don’t know where they come from but the mailing list is much smaller and more intimate.

Between my group programs and 1:1 clients there are only dozens of you!

It’s a small but mighty club ;)

I used to think I wanted a TED talk or a book deal or to do big speaking events. But I realized my performative inner achiever just thought she was *supposed* to want those things.

Now I can imagine a reality in which I want my work to reach millions from a place of alignment, rather than performance, but right now I’m so happy with you all here!

If you're into the more pop-wellness space there are so many folks with books and podcasts and millions of people in their audience. They have persuasive messages, stylish AF branding and polished programs.

The thing I’ve got on them is s-p-a-c-e. Space for you to come in and feel held and a part of something. I actually have the capacity and desire to connect with and support my people directly. You’re not just another audiobook download, subscription payment or a number on a roster.

You are my people. I want to know, support and be there with you as you grow. I want to cheer you on. I want to help you get unstuck when you fall in a mucky hole and want to wallow, hide and self-sabotage. I want to celebrate with you when you feel better for longer than you’ve ever felt!

And if you’ve never been in a program with me, I’d like to invite you to take a step in. My world isn’t big and scary. It’s cozy and intimate. I promise, the water’s fine.

The best way to step in right now is the Radiance Collective Membership. It is the most incredible sweet community of powerful women choosing to reject the burnout-inducing patriarchal capitalist waters we swim in and make our own damn pool where we follow the natural wisdom of the moon cycle.

We gather twice a month: the week of the New Moon and the Full Moon to lean into our cycles, rather than fight them. We use the moon to supercharge our magnetism and intuition, recharge our batteries and make space to reflect and get clear on what we really want.

We know we benefit, our communities benefit and the whole wide world benefits when we do.

The Radiance Collective Membership is my lowest investment program ever at $197/mo (in comparison my 1:1 rates are $1500/mo). If you’ve never worked with me, this is such a great place to start.

You’ll experience the magic of all my training in mindfulness meditation, yoga, breathwork, embodiment, taoist energy practice, visualization, women’s holistic health, ancestral medicine and high-performance coaching for boss babes!

You can cancel anytime and you can catch the recording if you’re not available to join us live. If you’ve been a client in the past, this is such a great way to stay in the work and I would LOVE to see your face again.

Our next call is November 23rd on the New Moon. Come ground, fill up your cup and set your intentions with us before the holiday.

Will you be there?

Sign me up

XO Alyssa

P.S. If you're seeing this after our November call, you can still join! Enrollment is open on a rolling basis and you'll be invited to join the next call – they happen every two weeks.


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