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Don’t miss out on what’s meant for you

pleasure Apr 14, 2022

A lot of the conversation around pleasure is around you getting to have what you most want. I’m obviously here for this message!

But when we’ve been so conditioned (and we have been!) to believe there’s a specific range of what’s possible for us, there’s a very high likelihood that we don’t even know what we want.

We go through the world with these kinds of blinders on.

Everything in our area of focus is a logical possibility for our life, based on what we know about ourselves, people like us, our history, and how things have gone for us up until now.

But what about everything outside of view? Just beyond your current expected reality?

What if what you most deeply want for your life is just out of view, just outside the range of what you think is possible and what you can allow yourself to imagine?

What then?

I’ve been realizing the extent to which I still deny myself what I most want.

When I refuse to make eye contact with anyone, when what I most want is connection.

How I’m so unwilling to be vulnerable, when what I most want is to be seen.

That it’s so challenging to take a leap, even when I most want to fly.

The way you expand that window of possibility and make sure you’re not missing out on what’s most meant for you is by trying new things and pushing your comfort zone.

Maybe you are dying for those little moments of human connection in the coffee shop, grocery store or elsewhere but feel unsafe to open to them.

Maybe you’re made for a life of luxury but you’ve never let yourself experience that vibe because that feels outside of what’s possible for you.

Maybe your soul lights up on an organic farm and that’s the life for you but work and family keeps you tied to the city, so what’s the point of dreaming?

Maybe the fast-paced hustle of the city and a demanding job turns you on but you think you’re not supposed to want that…

Can you start to see the million different ways we shut ourselves down so we don’t have to feel the disappointment of not getting what we want?

And the drastic ways this impacts our quality of life…!?

This isn’t the way.

The way is to build the courage to widen our windows of possibility, even and especially when our current reality and our desired reality don’t yet match up.

Can you imagine how sad it is to go through life missing out on what’s most meant for you because you were unwilling to try new things? I don’t want that for you!

If you’re ready to open the windows to all the magical possibilities for your life, maybe Pleasure as Medicine is the just thing you need right now.

I know it might feel like a commitment when you’re already overwhelmed, but there really isn’t a better time than NOW to spend quality time with yourself and get clear on what YOU want for your life!

I don't want you to miss out on anything more that’s meant for you!

Any time or energy you bring to this program will multiply in your life and give back to you and your loved ones over and over again – I’ve seen it happen!

This program is about learning how to take exquisite care of yourself, and in turn take exquisite care of anyone else in your life.

You get to show up exactly as you are. You get to rest your eyes, turn your camera off and create a magical space to connect to yourself and fill up your cup every week.

Sound like just the thing?

Join us before our first call on Tuesday, April 19th!


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