Pleasure as Medicine

From Burnout to Inner Vibrancy in 6 Weeks 

For many years of my life I was really hard on myself and my body. I pushed myself in my career and rarely felt like I deserved to relax. Deep down I was utterly exhausted and felt like I lost my shine and my zest for life. Now I help smart, successful women who are tired of feeling tired end the cycle of burnout for good. So I ask you:

“Are you ready to feel alive again?”

"The course has been L I F E C H A N G I N G, and that is not an exaggeration. The first breath work that got me through a serious downward spiral about work, etc. and I feel changed. I can't wait to write a review, haha, I HAVE SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO SAY!!!"

Chloé M
Product Specialist

This is for you if:

  • You often feel exhausted at the end of the day
  • You're hard on yourself and critical of your body
  • You live by your to-do list and struggle to relax
  • You can feel upset by a stressful situation at work or home for days and struggle to let it go
  • You’d love to feel more energized, vital and radiant
  • You'd love to experience more pleasure and connection in your life


Pleasure as Medicine

From Burnout to Inner Vibrancy in 6 Weeks


The Nourishing Pleasure Method

Merging Yogic and Tantric wisdom with modern neurobiology to shift your relationship to your body, mind and your own pleasure

Energize Body, Mind & Spirit

Learn breathwork, meditation and embodiment practices to generate energy in your body and feel more free, alive and connected.

Harness the Power of Pleasure

Learn holistic self-care practices to harness the stress-busting and life-giving properties of pleasure, while deepening self-love.

Release & Integrate Trauma

Learn tools backed by neuroscience to gently release stress and trauma from your body, keeping you feeling fresh and vibrant.

Results Participants Are Experiencing

Free yourself from stress and cultivate resiliency

Experience the freedom, peace and clarity that awaits when you consciously step out of your logical, thinking mind and tune into the deeper wisdom of your full-brain and body. Learn tools to release pent-up stress and emotions so you can show up for work with more resilience and avoid burnout. This is essential to creating a lasting and sustainable relationship with your career.

Move out of self-sabotage into self-love and acceptance

For so many of us high-achievers, our first instinct is to be critical and hard on ourselves. I'll teach you practices to embody deep self-love and acceptance. The more we build this loving connection to ourselves, the more resilient, resourced and connected we will feel when navigating challenging situations at work and at home.

Shift unworthiness into confidence so you can show up powerfully from the boardroom to the bedroom

There's something about those people who light up a room with their radiance and shine and seem so damn sure of themselves! What's their secret? PLEASURE. These people have discovered the energy, vitality and confidence that flows when you decide to believe that you are deserving of exquisite pleasure and allow pleasure to lead and fuel your life.

"I've tried yoga. I've tried meditation. But during the primal breathwork practice I experienced actually being IN my body and not stuck in my thoughts for the first time in my life. Before Pleasure as Medicine, I felt disconnected from my body and now I feel grounded in my own beauty and power. I feel more connected to myself, and my partner has noticed an increase in my confidence."

Kate R

You Can Expect To Feel More

  • Vital, energized, and full of life
  • Connected to the world around you
  • Loving and kind towards yourself and your body
  • Free from stress, worry and emotional baggage
  • Able to experience exquisite pleasure in your life

"That was amazing! I feel energy moving in my body like I've never experienced before. My favorite part was experiencing pleasure as nourishment literally feeding each of my cells."

Katie L
Talent Associate

What You Get

  • Weekly Support: 6 x 90 minute group calls including check-ins, lecture, questions and guided practice
  • Lifelong Tools: Learn breathwork and embodiment practices that will support you to lead a life filled with and fueled by pleasure
  • Pleasure Portal: Get access to online hub with recordings of lectures, practices and meditations during & after the course

Join The Wave of Women Reclaiming Pleasure

There are two ways to take this journey: Pleasure Sisters join the group course magic and Pleasure Queens add 1:1 coaching sessions to shift their blocks around pleasure and start living their best life.

Pleasure as Medicine


3 x payments

6 x Live Group Calls

Guided Audio Practices

EARLY BONUS: 1 x 1:1 Session

$975 total in three payments

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Pleasure as Medicine


3 x payments

6 x Live Group Calls

Guided Audio Practices

3 x Discounted 1:1 Sessions

$1575 total in three payments

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the first class or realize this isn't the program for you, I will give you a full refund in the first week of the program. Yes, it’s that simple.

"Before Pleasure as Medicine I was *so* stressed; I didn't feel good in my body. I knew I needed change, and though I'd already been on a journey that was leading me to where I am now... I needed a massive shift to push me. Thankfully, (and weirdly) COVID and this class were that push. Now I feel good! I'm calm, I feel lighter, and more assured that I can live a nourishing, fulfilling life. I *know* that I am worthy and capable. WHAT?! That is priceless."

Chloé M
Product Specialist

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