Pleasure as Medicine

Six Week Online Course to Transform Burnout into Inner Vibrancy through the Power of Pleasure

For many years of my life I was really hard on myself and my body. I pushed myself in my career and rarely felt like I deserved to relax. Deep down I was utterly exhausted and felt like I lost my shine and my zest for life. Now I help smart, successful women who are tired of feeling tired end the cycle of burnout for good. So I ask you:

“Are you ready to feel alive again?”

"The course has been L I F E C H A N G I N G, and that is not an exaggeration. The first breath work that got me through a serious downward spiral about work, etc. and I feel changed. I can't wait to write a review, haha, I HAVE SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO SAY!!!"

Chloé M
Product Specialist

This is for you if:

  • You often feel exhausted at the end of the day
  • You're hard on yourself and critical of your body
  • You live by your to-do list and struggle to relax
  • You can feel upset by a stressful situation at work or home for days and struggle to let it go
  • You’d love to feel more energized, vital and radiant
  • You'd love to experience more pleasure and connection in your life


Pleasure as Medicine

From Burnout to Inner Vibrancy in 6 Weeks


The Nourishing Pleasure Method

Merging Yogic and Tantric wisdom with modern neurobiology to shift your relationship to your body, mind and your own pleasure

Energize Body, Mind & Spirit

Learn breathwork, meditation and embodiment practices to generate energy in your body and feel more free, alive and connected.

Harness the Power of Pleasure

Learn holistic self-care practices to harness the stress-busting and life-giving properties of pleasure, while deepening self-love.

Release & Integrate Trauma

Learn tools backed by neuroscience to gently release stress and trauma from your body, keeping you feeling fresh and vibrant.

Results Participants Are Experiencing

Free yourself from stress and cultivate resiliency

Experience the freedom, peace and clarity that awaits when you consciously step out of your logical, thinking mind and tune into the deeper wisdom of your full-brain and body. Learn tools to release pent-up stress and emotions so you can show up for work with more resilience and avoid burnout. This is essential to creating a lasting and sustainable relationship with your career.

Move out of self-sabotage into self-love and acceptance

For so many of us high-achievers, our first instinct is to be critical and hard on ourselves. I'll teach you practices to embody deep self-love and acceptance. The more we build this loving connection to ourselves, the more resilient, resourced and connected we will feel when navigating challenging situations at work and at home.

Shift unworthiness into confidence so you can show up powerfully from the boardroom to the bedroom

There's something about those people who light up a room with their radiance and shine and seem so damn sure of themselves! What's their secret? PLEASURE. These people have discovered the energy, vitality and confidence that flows when you decide to believe that you are deserving of exquisite pleasure and allow pleasure to lead and fuel your life.

"I've tried yoga. I've tried meditation. But during the primal breathwork practice I experienced actually being IN my body and not stuck in my thoughts for the first time in my life. Before Pleasure as Medicine, I felt disconnected from my body and now I feel grounded in my own beauty and power. I feel more connected to myself, and my partner has noticed an increase in my confidence."

Kate R

You Can Expect To Feel More

  • Vital, energized, and full of life
  • Connected to the world around you
  • Loving and kind towards yourself and your body
  • Free from stress, worry and emotional baggage
  • Able to experience exquisite pleasure in your life

"That was amazing! I feel energy moving in my body like I've never experienced before. My favorite part was experiencing pleasure as nourishment literally feeding each of my cells."

Katie L
Talent Associate

"Before Pleasure as Medicine I was *so* stressed; I didn't feel good in my body. I knew I needed change, and though I'd already been on a journey that was leading me to where I am now... I needed a massive shift to push me. Thankfully, (and weirdly) COVID and this class were that push. Now I feel good! I'm calm, I feel lighter, and more assured that I can live a nourishing, fulfilling life. I *know* that I am worthy and capable. WHAT?! That is priceless."

Chloé M
Product Specialist

What You Get

  • Pleasure Portal: Instant access to six video lectures, guided audio practices, meditations and accompanying workbooks to guide you on your journey
  • Lifelong Tools: Breathwork and embodiment practices that will support you to lead a life filled with and fueled by pleasure + revisit these resources anytime!
  • Bonuses: Two value-packed video modules on Preparing Your Physical Space for Transformation and Navigating Resistance on Your Growth Journey

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Pleasure as Medicine


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Pleasure as Medicine


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Six Weeks of Self-Paced Learning

Online Pleasure Portal

Guided Audio Practices & Workbooks

(Regular price: $1197)

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Course Outline

There are a lot of online courses out there that are all fluff and no juice. Not the case here! Here's the full curriculum for my curious cats:

This week’s theme is sensational pleasure. It’s about getting into our bodies and sensations which are inherently connected to our feelings and emotions. The same practices I’m teaching to help recover from burnout are also effective for processing trauma, soothing stress and discharging emotion and intensity from the body.

So as we connect more to our bodies today and throughout this course, know that pain, suffering may accompany pleasure. This is okay, this is natural, this is how we actually release emotions and suffering from our bodies so it doesn’t get stuck and lead to mental, emotional and physical health issues down the line.

Learning Objectives

  • What pleasure as medicine means
  • Why rebuilding the mind/body connection is so important
  • How to use mindfulness to expand pleasure
  • How and why to ritualize your home practice
  • A sensory awakening practice

Love is foundational for living a happy, healthy, thriving life. If you have self-love, nothing can stop you. Because when you deeply, truly love yourself you are in control of how you feel about yourself and nothing outside of you can change that!

This week is all about the power of self-love and rewiring ourselves on all three levels of the brain to experience a deeper connection to love.

Learning Objectives

  • The healing power of self-love
  • How to rewire ourselves for deeper love based on neuroscience
  • Self-regulation and self-soothing as self-love in-action
  • A sensual breast massage practice

We are all desperate for safe spaces to express and release the daily emotion and stress weighing us down so we don't end up burned out, grumpy and regretful. It is particularly healing to do this in circles of supportive women.

There’s a saying that you have to feel it to heal it and when we’ve established enough safety, enough love in our bodies, we may have things like past memories or trauma present themselves to us to be released. So if you have one of these impulses during the practice, like to kick, scream, cry, etc, let yourself do it and then come back to love and pleasure.

Learning Objectives

  • What you need to know about neuroplasticity right now
  • The power of your primal nature and emotional health
  • Releasing stress and trauma from the body
  • A primal release breathwork practice

Energy is literally the thing that brings us life. One minute a person’s heart is beating and the next it can stop. They are still the same body, but energy has stopped moving through that body. Energy is a matter of life and death but it’s also so much more than that.

Having a vital energetic connection directly impacts our ability to thrive, to feel energized and fresh. Energy is what's gone when we're burned out. The Full-Bodied Breath Practice can help bring you back to life each day.

Learning Objectives

  • The connection between our energetic and emotional health
  • What neuroscience has to say about energy
  • How to tell when you're in touch with your energy
  • A full-bodied breath practice to revitalize you daily
Pleasure is THE best medicine for burnout and holds this strange magic of connecting a woman to her worthiness, confidence and radiance. Pleasure encodes the message that you deserve goodness and don’t have to settle for less than your deepest desires in all aspects of your life.
Facing the conditioning we've internalized from living in a sexually repressed culture allows us to tap into a greater source of power and vitality inside of us.
Learning Objectives 
  • The journey to sexual empowerment
  • The connection between burnout, chronic fatigue and sexuality
  • The three components of orgasm and how that maps to neuroscience
  • A pleasure as nourishment and holistic self-pleasure practice

In our final week we acknowledge the toll patriarchy and white supremacy have left on us and explore through movement, breath, journaling and visualization who you choose to be going forward. What is the next-level you who lives in pleasure?

Learning Objectives

  • You’re not crazy, we live in a crazy world
  • Everyday ways to reconnect to our bodies, power and pleasure
  • Who do you want to be going forward?
  • An identity of pleasure practice to embody your most powerful pleasurable self

Healing and behavior change isn't linear, no matter what some expert trying to sell you something says! That's why I love that this is a self-paced online course you have access to forever. Life does life things? Not able to commit as much time as you'd like to the course? No problem. You can come back whenever you're ready.

"I cannot recommend working with Alyssa enough. In joining her Pleasure as Medicine group last year I not only met and spent time with an incredible group of women, but I received highly applicable coaching and tools to help me find more joy and pleasure in my day to to day. Alyssa's coaching has you actively tapping into your senses through music, food, dance, and connection. I've experienced nothing like it, and I am very excited to take the class again in the future!"

Jessica T
Senior UX Researcher

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