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Do you realize how much you are addicted to suffering?

pleasure Mar 31, 2022

Have you ever considered how much you actually like not feeling good?

I know it’s a bizarre question, but trust me it’s one worth investigating.

Humans are neurologically wired to focus on the negative, what's not working, what needs to be fixed (google negativity bias.)⁠ In fact, we spend inordinate amounts of time trying to solve problems that don't even exist!⁠⁠

This is partly what it is to be human and have this big ‘ole brain that's designed for SURVIVAL (aka problem solving and scanning for threats) vs THRIVING (aka actually enjoying life).⁠

But this doesn't have to be your reality⁠.

There are very practical strategies you can use to see the good, feel the good and actually let yourself take in the good.⁠

Here's what I mean by taking in the good (or rather what I DON'T mean)...⁠

😱 Do you know someone who is rich but miserable?⁠

😱 Do you know someone who lives in the most beautiful place on earth but doesn't enjoy it?⁠

😱 Do you know someone or are you that someone who has everything but somehow feels meh?⁠

These people haven’t learned the skills to actually take in the good in a very real embodied way.

See while our brain is wired to feel bad, our body is wired to feel good!⁠

The secret to feeling good and getting out of the suffering trap is connecting with your bodyyyy.

Pleasure teaches us that we can actually feel good even when things feel hard and that we are actually designed for this!

Pleasure doesn't have to be this intimidating faraway thing, there are very practical ways to tune into pleasure in your daily life that can literally change your life!

Wanna learn how to do this so you can feel good and actually enjoy your life?⁠

In Pleasure as Medicine we dive into mindful embodied pleasure practices you can use to manage stress, get through hard shit and actually feel really fucking good!⁠

Here’s what folks have to say about it…

"That was one of the best things I've ever done in my life"

“OMG THANK YOU FOR TONIGHT. LIKE, WHAT. I could cry I feel so…good? Happy? Like what the heck. Just from one pleasure practice 😂 this shit is life giving 😭 I appreciate you!”

“I am loving it so much. The lectures are fascinating, I love how you incorporate neurobiology, and I feel really engaged during the practice and overall session.”

“The course has been L I F E C H A N G I N G, and that is not an exaggeration. The first breath work that got me through a serious downward spiral about work, etc. and I feel changed.”

“In joining Pleasure as Medicine last year I not only met and spent time with an incredible group of women, but I received highly applicable coaching and tools to help me find more joy and pleasure in my day to day. Alyssa's coaching has you actively tapping into your senses through music, food, dance, and connection. I've experienced nothing like it, and I am very excited to take the class again in the future!”

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