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You’ve been sold a lie

empowerment Sep 09, 2021

Do you realize you’ve been sold a lie?

That the way to get what you want in life – you know, to be happy, healthy and fulfilled – is to put your head down, work hard, sacrifice yourself, take care of others, and limit your dreams until some undetermined day when you will magically be happy?

This is a big fat LIE that our entire system of education, industry, advertising and culture supports.

I want you to try something on with me. I want you to try on another possibility...

What if saying yes to your desires instead of the “supposed tos” was the thing that got you what you want?

What if every step that took you closer to living exactly as you want to live was the answer?

What if owning what was right for you, was actually what was best for everyone?

Even if it doesn't feel true right now, please know that you are a 100% unique creature.

There never has, nor never will be someone just like you.

In order for you to have what you want in life – to be happy, healthy and fulfilled – what if the only thing you needed to do was to pause, listen inside and follow the whisper of your heart’s desire.

Until you knew the right next step.

The world needs you to be YOU, not someone else.

I know it’s scary and feels way safer to stay where you are and keep doing what you’re doing. How’s that working out for you though, really? 👀

Cuz the thing is, all the things you’re scared about losing or giving up will follow....

The money
The stability
The success
The confidence
The relationship

Whatever those things are that you most want, they will come, trust me, but you have to be willing to go first.

Willing to be yourself

Willing to say the controversial thing

Willing to make the seemingly "crazy" decision

If you’ve been on the fence about joining us in Pleasure as Medicine. This is your time. Make the decision. Take the leap. Be willing to bet on yourself. We start next week!


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