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Who are you without work? 📚

empowerment Apr 01, 2021

I have a question for you today. Here it is:

Do you know who you are without work?

Before you keep reading, notice what happens for you when I ask that. Check in with your body. What do you feel? Is there disbelief, anger, confusion, tension or constriction? If so, it’s all welcome.

Many of us have carefully honed strategies we’ve been practicing since we were kids to feel safe, secure and loved in this wild world. Some of these – like working (a lot) – are so normalized in our culture that we don’t even realize that something feels off.

The strategies I see most often in my clients are the achiever, giver, people pleaser and perfectionist.

For me, working is a big one. The time I took off in 2018 was the scariest and most liberating thing I’ve ever done. It was the first time in my entire life I had given myself space from working, being in school or doing some other extracurricular activity. And it rocked my sense of self and identity.

There’s nothing bad or wrong about these, in fact it’s a part of being human. The problem comes when these strategies no longer serve us. They may have kept us safe at one point in our life but now they hurt more than they help.

How so?

These protective strategies keep us from being authentic and real; they keep us from the very thing we want – connection and love.

I've been getting to know this part of me that knows how to work and literally doesn’t know how to do anything else⁠.

Even if I'm not actively working, this part of me spends so much time and energy thinking about what I should be doing. A seemingly simple task can occupy hours and hours of mental and emotional energy. It’s exhausting!

Sound familiar?

I have so much compassion for the girl in me who learned how to achieve to earn the love and approval she needed more than anything.⁠

My journey in unwinding the patriarchal patterns of burnout involves healing this wounded part of me and empowering a new identity within me⁠.

Because we are made for more than just work. Say it with me: WE ARE MADE FOR MORE!!!

We are made for love, play, adventure and all of the deep desires of our heart.

So I ask you – who would you need to be to prioritize yourself over work?⁠
Wanna get to know more of yourself than the part that only knows how to get shit done?⁠

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