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The post-patriarchal path 🏞

empowerment Dec 09, 2021

The patriarchal way of achievement and success runs deep.

As a high-achieving woman, it can feel like the only options involve burnout and overgiving, but I want to assure you there are more options than those you’ve been shown.

Are you ready to find the secret menu?

I’m leading a free workshop next week and I want you to be there! Especially if this programming sounds familiar…

Put your head down they said 📑

The benefits are unparalleled they said 🏆

Keep saving they said 💸

Start a family they said 👯‍♀️

Buy a house if you can they said 🏡

Keep climbing the ladder they said 🪜

One day it will all pay off...

How's that working out for you? 👀

See, the way you've been shown to do life and get what you want isn't the only way.

You've been shown the patriarchal way of achievement and success 📈

Which to be honest, isn't a great fit for most women

We can trace the origins of patriarchy back to the original separation and hierarchy of mind over body. 🧠🧘‍♀️

If you've checked the traditional boxes of success ✅ and have a sense there's more for you...

Here's what you can look forward to on the post-patriarchal path

Five year plans ➡️ Self trust

Independence ➡️ Community

Scarcity ➡️ Enoughness

Competition ➡️ Doing YOU

Rationality ➡️ Intuition

Burnout ➡️ Turn on

Logical outcomes ➡️ Unexpected outcomes beyond your wildest dreams

Sound exciting? Confusing? Scary?


I'm offering a free workshop called The Radiant Woman next week for you to get a taste of this work!

Will you join us?

Save your spot here: www.alyssatennant.com/the-radiant-woman

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