The Radiant Woman

Post-patriarchal principles of success for the modern woman

If you've been following my work, you may know I speak about patriarchy and the lasting impacts this system has on the health and vitality of women. It's easy to point out why patriarchy makes us sick and makes it hard to be a woman. Now I want to take this investigation one-step further. I'm inviting you to examine the beliefs you yourself hold about being a woman. Do you believe that you have to hide or change your nature in order to be successful? If so, I have one more question to ask:

“How's that working out for you?”

Here's what I know to be true:

  • thousands of years of patriarchy might have you feeling pretty down about being a woman
  • we live in a culture that tells us achievement has more value than life, joy and connection
  • there are real systems and structures at play that require system-wide change AND...
  • systems have more control over us when we believe them

It doesn't have to be this way:

  • what if to change the world you actually started with yourself and your own beliefs?
  • what if we shifted this story that it's shitty to be a woman?
  • what if you questioned the belief that what makes you successful is your intellect, rationality and self-sufficiency?
  • what if there was more to being a woman?

This is for you if deep down part of you believes:

  • You're not as smart because you're a woman
  • Not as successful because you're a woman
  • Inherently unsafe because you're a woman
  • Can't have it it all because you're a woman
  • Destined to be unsatisfied because you're a woman
  • Feel like a part of you is missing and you'd love to shift these beliefs


The Radiant Woman Workshop

A free guided 90 minute workshop to decide what you want to be true about being a woman

Start exactly where you are

Do you currently believe that to be successful you have to be the most intellectual, rational, efficient and self-sufficient version of yourself?

Great! You're currently trying to win at patriarchy which TBH isn't a great fit for most women. This inner misalignment often leads us to chronic illness, depression and feeling a lack of luster in our lives.

Decide what you want to believe

The answer my friends is to consciously step into a new belief system for your life. Do you want to believe that life or productivity is more important? Get clear on that!

What I've learned in the past five years studying patriarchy, integrative health and women's empowerment is that systems have control over us when we believe them.

Let me show you what's possible

I want to show you that it's possible to be successful while bringing forward all the parts of you.

You are not deficient. You are not less than. You don't need to be rebalanced, toned down or rationalized. Your wild brilliant, sometimes lazy procrastinating intuitive genius YOU is already perfect just the way she is.

The Radiant Woman Workshop

Join me and a group of ambitious women for a free workshop to reimagine everything you thought you knew about being a woman.

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You get to be smart, efficient, self-sufficient AND honor and respect the intuitive emotional genius inside of you. Let me show you what's possible.


The Radiant Woman Workshop

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