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Make decisions like a boss 👠

empowerment Dec 09, 2022

We all struggle with decision making from time to time or all the time

From the little decisions like what we want for dinner to those BIG ones like where we want to live, what we want to dedicate our life to and who we want to spend our life with!

And here’s a lil secret: the way we handle those little decisions says a lot about how we’ll handle the big ones!

I’m in the middle of making a big decision and want to let you in behind the scenes to show you what it’s like

If this were an easy decision that wouldn’t be a very useful teaching tool so rest assured this isn’t an easy one!

I’m deciding on the coaching support I want to invest in for myself next year

I want to be strategic about the investment I make and make sure what I choose isn’t coming from a place of just wanting something cause it sounds cool but will actually serve me

So let me break down my process for evaluating my options, which is pretty extensive

I wouldn’t go to this length if this weren’t a decision that was going to impact my entire next year’s schedule & finances and potentially the rest of my life!

(1) First, I got clear on what I was actually needing by doing a holistic life & business inventory asking myself where I was doing well and where I wanted to improve and ran it by my partner to get his input.

Hot top: this is how you make sure you’re being intentional about a decision rather than just buying something because it’s shiny ;)

(2) Then, I clarified my goals & intentions for next year! I have some concrete career and life goals supported by an overall intention for how I want to grow and how I want my life to feel.

(3) Next, I got clear on the specific needs & wants I had around support to help me achieve my desires. For me, needs are live coaching calls at least twice month with a body-oriented, nervous system and anti-hustle orientation with help around taking actions outside of my comfort zone, showing up consistently without burning out, hiring team and copy support. Wants are community connection and virtual retreats with biz besties.

(4) Then I evaluated my options against my needs & wants. Which program meets my needs?

(5) Finally I asked my body (arguably the most important step of this whole process !!! but I needed to let my brain have some structure around the evaluation for it to even let me listen to my body…familiar anyone?)

Our body holds so much wisdom that we don’t have access to when we’re solely using our logical thinking brain to make decisions

Instead of spinning in our head or waffleing on our decision we can solicit input from places other than our brain 🤯

I did this for the two options I’m deciding between:

🧠 I let my brain spew all the buts and ifs and doubts it’s holding on to. Also, the logical rational opinions that are helpful when grounded in reality like whats my financial situation

❤️ I felt into my heart to see what I felt about this program. Did I feel excited? longing? fear? dread?  I also know what a yes and no feels like in my body and for me, it’s my heart that gives me this information 

🧁 Next I checked in with my belly to see what any gut instincts were and I honestly didn’t get much info here

🐈‍⬛ Finally I checked in with pussy and she felt much more buzzy and lit up about one of the options!

(6) Decision Time! Now I have all the information laid out and I get to make a decision like a boss! This is what good leaders do – listen to everyone, diverse perspectives included and then weigh all the information and make an informed decision.

Do you have a decision coming up? How might it go differently if you used this process?

To recap, here are five tips to make decisions like a boss:

     1. Slow down and give yourself space — acknowledge receipt if needed and ask for the time you need to decide

     2. Be transparent! If you’re deciding on support like I am – tell the leader what’s going! If they’re good they’ll help you come to an empowered decision

     3. Clarify your life goals & intentions and needs & wants to support you hitting your goals

     4. Evaluate your options against your needs & wants

     5. Check in with your body (if this is new to you, I highly recommend working with a body-based coach, maybe someone like me ;) to help you build this skill! life changing!)

     6. Make a decision like a boss by evaluating all the info and making yourself right for whatever decision you choose!

Happy deciding!




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