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A little birdie told me you needed this

pleasure Aug 19, 2021

When I feel overwhelmed and have too much on my plate, I know my first instinct is to be hard on myself.

Maybe you can relate?

For so many of us independent women, our first instinct is to buckle down when things are hard.

For most of our lives we've learned that to succeed, we have to push and force our way through.

We have to be hard on ourselves in order to get where we want to go.

But what if there were another option?

What if by truly, deeply accepting yourself you'd be more free to not only enjoy your life, but also enjoy all the success you can imagine?

Accepting ourselves just as we are encodes the message that we deserve all the good things in our lives. It rewires whatever conditioning we’ve received from our life experience, family and society tells us we don’t deserve to feel good and be happy.

The more we build this loving connection, the more resilient, resourced and connected we will feel when navigating challenges in our lives. Because trust me, they will keep coming.

The question is – how will we navigate them?

What if you could handle the next challenge in your life with grace, acceptance and self-trust, rather than total scattered overwhelmed freak out?

If you're thinking, yeah well that all sounds great but HOW THE F DO I DO THAT?!? You're in luck!

Today I'm thrilled to open the doors to Pleasure as Medicine where I will teach you how to embody deep self-love and acceptance.

We gather weekly for a live class to learn, share and practice tools you can use for the rest of your life to soothe stress, anxiety and overwhelm and connect to the nourishing power of pleasure.

You were built for incredible challenges and exquisite pleasure. Use code ICHOOSEPLEASURE200 to get $200 off your first payment for one week only.


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