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Here’s what I need you to get

empowerment Sep 28, 2021

I talk to women a lot about their bodies⁠ – about gaining weight⁠, about not feeling sexy⁠, about feeling out of shape or disconnected⁠.

And I get it, I really do⁠

Here's what's true in my life right now – my body shape is simply not an issue⁠

It's not a focus area except to love and accept and delight in the fullness of exactly who I am right now⁠.

I have other priorities – I'm focused on my business, my relationship, my home, my life⁠.

And you know what helped me get to this place?⁠

Finding ways to connect to my sexiness and aliveness right here, right now⁠ 🔥

Finding ways to feel strong, powerful and perfect right here, right now⁠ 🔥

For me that looks like dancing and embodiment practices, new clothes that are comfortable and flattering, showering (lol) and taking care of my hair, skin and body.

And I personally know that being athletic is important to me and I know it will be a focus, but like it's just not right now and when I accept that it everything feels so much lighter!⁠

It's hugely freeing to realize it's just not a priority right now – what a relief!⁠

When I'm ready, I'll be ready⁠

When I'm ready, I'll know what to do⁠

Until then, I can relax and trust myself⁠

Here's what I want you to take in:⁠

What my body looks like has nothing to do with how sexy and confident I feel⁠

Has nothing to do with how good I am at my job⁠

Has nothing to do with how much money and success I get to have⁠

Has nothing to do with how much love and support I get to receive⁠

Has nothing to with how much I am cared for⁠

Because I decide these things. I decide how I feel⁠

When you feel these words in your body, how you feel and how others perceive you, shifts.

Repeat these affirmations and slowly but surely you’ll rewire your patterns with your body and health and what those things mean about you ❤️

Bonus points if you find a way to incorporate pleasure – running a hand over your body, listening to a beautiful song or letting the sun warm your face as you feel these words ⁠✨


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