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pleasure Mar 03, 2022

There is something undeniably magnetic about a woman in her pleasure.

Grounded. Connected. Alive. Radiant. She knows what she wants and who the f*ck she is.

I know this way of living. It’s literally my job. But sometimes, even now, it can feel lightyears away.

Yesterday I had one of those mornings. You know those mornings...

You wake up late and look at your calendar and have no idea how you're going to get through everything on the list. Too much to do, too little time. Behind before you even start.

Often the overwhelm comes not from the actual time it takes to do the things on our list, but from the emotional charge of doing said things. And by often, I mean basically always!

Responding to that one email you haven't responded to because you don't want to confront the feelings of potentially having disappointed someone or yourself.

That's why I like to say that procrastination doesn't really exist...it's an avoidance pattern connected to perfectionism that protects us from the emotional pain of feeling the uncomfortable things like disappointment and failure.

But it's a trap because we obviously can't get through life without feeling uncomfortable things. That's just what we sign up for by being human.

Instead of avoiding the hard things, it's more usual to focus on building the capacity to be with them and move through them, challenging emotions and all.

For me, this was definitely the case because on top of a full day of client sessions I had my very first photoshoot! It was a webcam shoot with a photographer over zoom and I had no idea what to expect.

The things I was focused on were: What do I wear? Shit I haven’t shaved in like awhile… There’s chipped gel nail polish on my nails. I haven’t done my makeup. This call is in 30 minutes. Why didn’t I do this shit yesterday!?

Fortunately I got a phone call from my friend, mid breakdown, who let me cry and reminded me that this experience was for me. So I get to enjoy it. And all the things I thought were important really weren’t

I let go of all the other pressure and performative shit. And in no time at all, I had an inspired idea for the perfect thing to wear. As I reminded myself of one of my favorite affirmations – “There is always enough time.”

And the photoshoot was amazing!

It was super fun and empowering and I definitely enjoyed myself. Instead of muscling through a busy day and looking stilted and rigid in photos I let pleasure guide me and trusted that there would be enough time to get to everything else.

If you struggle to find moments of joy and pleasure in your busy days, I have the perfect thing for you!

Four days, four short emails, four simple practices to bring you back into your body and connect you to pleasure.

Save your spot in the Everyday Pleasure Challenge and mark your calendars for the week of March 22nd!

Can’t wait to share these practices with you


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