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If you don't believe it's possible, you're not going to try 🌈

empowerment Sep 02, 2021

If you haven't signed up for Pleasure as Medicine yet I realize it may be because some part of you thinks this isn't possible for you...

It isn't possible to make the time ⌛️

It isn't possible to allocate the money 💰

It isn't possible to change your life 💔

It isn't possible to for you to feel better 💃

Do you realize what all those lies do to your confidence??

They slowly but surely wear you down as sure as a stream of water wears down a rock

And YES, they are LIES

I believe in each and every woman there is a self-assured, confident, and unique powerhouse just waiting for her time to shine ☀️

Waiting for the years of I'm not good enough, I can't want that, I can’t afford it, This is all I can expect from life, I don't deserve that...to slough away and reveal the sheer brilliance underneath

So if you’re having these thoughts that you can't possibly do this, can't possibly make it work, you are the one person in the world this can't work for because your job, your boss, your kids, because because because...

I'm calling you IN

To examine those thoughts and label them for what they are –LIES

And here's the capital T truth

You do NOT have to quit your stable job, become a coach and take shiny photos to feel better and enjoy your life

You do NOT need move to a farmstead in Vermont or a Balinese villa to feel better and enjoy your life

Here's why: you don't *find* happiness⁠

You create it, right where you are⁠

So if you look at me or whoever else you're comparing yourself to and say that's not for me, that's not my life...⁠

You're right!⁠

Your life is exactly where you are right now

I'm here to help you make exactly where you are feel just a bit better, a bit lighter, and a bit brighter.

Can you entertain the belief that that is possible for you?

If so, I welcome you to join us for my signature group course Pleasure as Medicine as a Pleasure Sister where we'll explore this idea of building everyday pleasure into our already busy lives.

If not, I recommend you join as a Pleasure Queen with a Coaching Upgrade so we get 3 x 1:1 sessions to undo these blocks and rebuild your confidence, along with the group course.

If you have anything you want to run by me before signing up, just send me a message even if it's to say you're on the fence and want some help making a decision. Totally here for that and can’t wait to get started!


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