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When I learned this it was a 🤯moment

empowerment Aug 26, 2021

Did you know a lot of what underlies our modern existential angst and feelings of loneliness is a feeling of not being whole?

There are a lot of reasons why we might feel like we’re not whole, or that we’re lacking or deficient.

Part of this is because we’ve rejected a huge part of ourselves – our animal, primal nature that is.

We go about our lives driving in our cars, working in stucco boxes, and living orderly, tidy lives.

We’re trying to pretend that we’re in control and have everything figured out. But really, on the inside, we don’t feel like we have anything under control.

All of us have ancestors from traditional cultures that lived more in tune with the land, the animals, and the natural world.

These ancestors, and people still living today in indigenous societies, all have a way of really honoring that part of ourselves.

Recognizing the primal aspect of the psyche as a necessary part of our humanity.

There is so much value in experiencing a sense of losing control, of letting go, of having a space where we don’t have to hold it together, within a really safe, structured container that holds you.

There’s this sense of wholeness to be reclaimed by letting that primal part of ourselves be expressed, because we don’t get to very often in our daily lives.

This primal nature is deeply connected to our feelings and emotions.

Just as we avoid so many things that make us feel out of control, many of us will go to great lengths to avoid our feelings.

We don’t want to feel guilt, shame, anger, or sadness, because they’re hard to feel.

So we do things to avoid feeling them, like emotionally eating, avoiding confrontation, binge watching TV, and tuning out because we’re afraid of feeling.

So imagine the potential if we build the capacity within ourselves to feel anything!

When we don’t have to do all that other stuff to keep us from feeling, because we know we can go there and feel it...

That is true power.
That is freedom and liberation.

Reconnecting with this primal aspect and our wholeness in a safe, structured container is part of what we are doing in my 6 week program Pleasure as Medicine. Will you join us?

If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out before enrolling.


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