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[72 hrs left!] Can we both just admit that you're curious?

empowerment Sep 08, 2022

Can we both just admit that you're curious...

You've been reading the emails and hearing me talk about how amazing Radiance Collective is for forevah but haven’t made the leap yet ;)

Here we are just 72 hours out from doors closing for the rest of the year and it's decision time babes!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you're making your decision

✨ Do you have dreams, ambitions and desires for the rest of this year?

✨ Do you want to grow, evolve and learn more about yourself this year?

✨ Are you unsatisfied with the way your life feels on a daily basis?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, sign up! It's going to be great πŸ’‹

No matter whether you'd just like to feel 10% less overwhelmed, be able to maintain boundaries with work, get clarity in your love life or feel like you are good enough just as you are to land the next opportunity you're craving...

Wanting something isn't enough to make things happen – we need intention, plans, accountability, and support to execute and keep showing up πŸ’₯

Not doing so is basically setting ourselves up to fail

πŸ‘‹πŸ» What’s your plan to keep showing up when self doubt, procrastination and fear shows up?

πŸ‘‹πŸ» What will you do when you've lost steam for a few days and a few days turns into a few weeks and your shame and self-criticism for failing at yet another thing kicks up?

At this point you’ve done enough scary things in your life to know this ^^ happens, so why wouldn't you plan for it?

Why not give yourself the highest likelihood of success by having an expert at your side to help you plan for and support you through all the ups and downs?

That's what I'm here to do and I’ve designed a four month program to help you feel clear, supported and accountable while you make real progress towards your dreams 🌈

The dreams you carry are not a mistake

They are meant for you and even if you feel like a strong, independent woman who has survived a lot and can figure most things out on her own…

Dreams are fragile. They need care, attention and nourishment to thrive 🌱

Keeping them in the dark, musty basement of your brain is not a recipe for success

Could you be brave enough to name them even if they feel lightyears away and you have absolutely no idea how they could possibly happen?

That's where all the magic starts ✨

Hit me with the details

We start Tuesday, September 13th and have live weekly group calls at 5:30 PM Pacific until the second week of January. There are 3 (amazing) women signed up right now and no more than 10 will be allowed in! $4,500 upfront or as low as $750 per month, no additional cost for paying over time. Options here. Need a longer payment plan? Just ask!

Will my life completely change in four months?

Maybe! But not necessarily. We all have our own timing. Some of us have a lot of foundational work to do before we start to see real shifts in our lives. Some of us don’t really want our lives to change that much – we just want them to feel better! I’m here for that too.

Bottomline: We can’t predict the timing of when things will click into place for us. But choosing to sign up for a supportive program where you’ll have someone on your team to lovingly point out your blindspots and help extricate you from the twisted thoughts, fears and doubts that hold you hostage is a great sign that you’re ready to show up for your side of the work to see the results you’re desiring

What are you actually doing in this program?

This is a small group coaching container which means everyone's growth supports and expands one another. On our biweekly coaching calls everyone gets allotted time (at least 10 minutes) for "hot seat" coaching to share and be coached by me, while being witnessed and morally supported by the group.

We will use meditation, visualization and coaching to tap into our intuition and get clear on our goals for the rest of the year. With a clear vision, we will work our way through four months of 2 x coaching calls, 1 x live teaching module and 1 x practice module per month.

The teaching modules will cover topics such as the exact mindset work I do with myself and with my 1:1 clients to feel confident and unstoppable to connecting with your most wise and powerful self. And the practice calls will look like me leading a discussion, live guided journaling process, meditation or movement practice to take that month’s teaching topic deeper into each of your individual lives.

How does that all sound?

Can I answer any other questions to help you make your decision? Get in touch or sign up and save your spot – can’t wait!


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