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Your guide to overcoming perfectionism

empowerment Jul 30, 2020

Do you find yourself stuck in the trap of trying to figure out how to get the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect love and the perfect life? Trusting that once you do, then you'll be happy.

Yeah, me too.

Many of us high-achievers spend ungodly amounts of time planning, scheduling, and trying to control our lives, bodies, careers, and love lives.

The truth is there is no future reality where you are perfect, have everything figured out and get all the things you want⁠⁠. Sorry, babe.

Consider this your official permission slip to stop obsessing over your schedule, perfecting your diet and trying to control your life to get to this mythical future reality – because – It. Does. Not. Exist.⁠

⁠Instead, focus on what is possible today⁠.

⁠Repeat after me⁠:

💥 Perfect does not exist⁠

💥 There is only now⁠

💥 I get to choose how I feel⁠

💥 I get to choose how I act⁠

Here's a simple process to start living in the present and release your inner perfectionist:

1️⃣ What is my vision for my life? How do I want to feel?⁠

2️⃣ What actions do I need to take today to support that vision and help me feel the way I want to feel?⁠

3️⃣ What part of me is already wise and powerful and knows how to choose this vision and take these actions?⁠

And let it be enough.

There is no perfect future time when all of the variables will align for you to feel how you want to feel and get what you want.⁠

There is only and will ever only be, NOW.

Stop postponing your desires. Feel them now.⁠

Stop doubting yourself. Feel your power.⁠

Stop thinking your dreams "aren't realistic." Believe in them.⁠⁠

The life you want starts TODAY by showing up for it NOW.

Are you ready to show-up for your vision and unapologetically commit to yourself and your dreams? Book a discovery call and let's make it happen, baby!


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