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You’ll never make the time ⏳

empowerment Aug 12, 2021

We all have shit we’ve been putting off, waiting for this damn pandemic to end before we _________.

I know I do.

But I also trust that as soon as we deal with it, it will (1) be less scary than we thought, (2) feel so much better and (3) free up way more of our mental energy than we realized it was occupying.

Trust me, the things you think you’re avoiding are taking a way bigger toll on you and everyone around you than you realize.

It's normal to get stuck sometimes, to struggle to take care of yourself even if you know what you *should* be doing…

AND I believe you'll start feeling better when

✨ you take the time to get really honest with where you're at and what you actually want

✨ you don't make yourself wrong for being exactly where you are

✨ you get clear on what you most want and make simple accessible shifts in your life

Going to the doctor or even a wellness coach can SUCK if they tell you what to do or what you *should* be doing instead of getting to deeply understand YOU.

There can be a lot of shame and judgement in the health space, even if it's not intentional.

I'm here to fuck that up in the best way possible and make health & wellness synonymous with human-first whole-person care that actually feels good!

Enter...WHOLE WOMAN 360˚ 🎉

During this free 90 minute workshop, I will guide you to meet yourself exactly where you are and develop an actionable plan to care for your WHOLE self - the woman who works, the woman who plays, the woman who loves, the woman who cares, the woman who dreams.

You'll also get in on the magic that happens when women gather together and dare to share the real real in their lives.

My wish is that you walk away feeling lighter, more connected to yourself and inspired ✨

Register here and share this with a woman in your life who could use this right now 💃


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