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Work doesn't have to be a grind

burnout empowerment May 15, 2020

Work doesn't have to be a grind — are you willing to believe?

Notice what that brings up for you, just hearing me say that.

I know some of you might fight me on this but it's my job to challenge you, to invite possibility and support the shift from possibility to reality.


✨ What if being an adult didn't have to suck?

✨ What if work didn't have to drain you?

✨ What if work could feel supportive?

✨ What if stress wasn't the enemy?

✨ What if you could feel that elusive thing we call balance?

What if...?

Yeah I know, I am sitting pretty after leaving the tech world, I don't have kids, I don't have many expenses, yadda yadda yadda.

There are A MILLION REASONS to believe this is possible for me but NOT FOR YOU.

Notice that disbelief in yourself and in what's possible for you.

I know a lot of you struggle with this and it's something that often comes up with clients.


I had a cushy salary, amazing benefits and unparalleled perks. How could I possibly give that up? 🤷‍♀️ It seemed unimaginably scary 😬 not to mention logistically impossible.

I had the dream job! I was working at the company people literally have on their vision boards.

But none of that matters because it wasn't on MY vision board. Maybe it was on someone else's and I was just getting in their damn way!

And who was I kidding?

I'm a smart, creative, determined person, OF COURSE I HAD OPTIONS!

But let me tell you, in the moment it didn't feel like it.

I felt like I was stuck and there was no choice.

So I want you to remember that no matter what you believe to be true, or what your parents say, YOU 👏 HAVE 👏 OPTIONS 👏

You don't have to quit your job, although that is an option.

I invite my clients to find ways to make work pleasurable! Once you start to separate your sense of worth from your work, you'll uncover much more spaciousness and room for enjoyment.

You can still do your best, but you'll find it easier to maintain boundaries, feel safer taking bigger risks and not take on so much stress.

And there are soo many examples of people who have advocated for job shares, flex time, paid leave, and more to make work work for them.

If it feels hard to advocate for your own needs and desires, remember that claiming what you want helps pave the way for other women wanting to re-imagine work + life.

But lemme tell you, if you can't imagine it, it sure as hell ain't gonna happen.

Here are some journal prompts to help you untangle your beliefs and desires:

🤔 What are you believing about what work has to look and feel like?

🤔 What else might be true?

🤔 What else might be possible?

🤔 How would you most like to feel in your job?

🤔 What values are important to you in the workplace?

♥️ Alyssa


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