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burnout empowerment Nov 22, 2022

I know what it’s like to be busy and overwhelmed, to be depressed and stuck, to not know when things are going to feel better or even if I could be trusted to take good care of myself.

πŸ˜• I remember days waking up monday morning already feeling exhausted and dreading the week ahead

πŸ˜• I remember days my to do list felt like it would never end while I simultaneously felt stuck and unable to move forward while zoning out on social media

πŸ˜• I remember days white knuckling through work and life, pounding coffee because my adrenals were already shot and I had no energy left in the tank

πŸ˜• I remember literal years of my life where I was so burned out and disconnected from myself I dreaded social plans after work, even though I loved my friends, because I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up on the couch at home

Though it’s been a decade since my first experience with moon wisdom, it’s been a slow journey for me to live my life in harmony with my cycles

Bringing the Radiance Collective Membership program into the world has been an initiation for me into embodying moon wisdom even more fully and I can say confidently that it has changed my life.

Before fully embodying moon wisdom, life looked a lot like what I described above. These days, it’s more like waking up monday morning feeling hopeful and grateful to be alive.

πŸ₯° It’s taking time to enjoy my tea, snuggle my dog and feel the sunshine on my face before diving into the day

πŸ₯° It’s looking at my to do list that's already been prioritized and pruned, knowing I have enough time and support to get everything that needs to get done, done

πŸ₯° It’s looking at my calendar feeling a sense of calm relief seeing that I already blocked off time around my period and the new moon to be more internal and introspective

πŸ₯° It’s looking forward to plans with friends on my calendar because my cup is full and I’ve already had time to myself to be alone, take time to pause, breathe and and peek at the moon in the sky

And when I do, I remember – just now, in this moment, everything is actually okay ❀️

This is just a teaser of what can happen for you but I’m most excited for you to write your own story! To see what happens to your health and happiness when you connect more deeply with yourself and the moon.

That’s what I’m offering you in The Radiance Collective Membership – a space to connect to yourself and the moon every month. The hardest part of this work is creating the space, presence and intentionality to actually do it. If you’ve tried – you know.

It’s hard to do alone, but you don’t have to. I want to put a recurring meeting with the moon on your literal calendar where you will be witnessed, supported and filled up, so you can be the most radiant version of yourself.

This program is literal magic ✨ our first call was incredible!

And I have to ask – Why haven’t you signed up yet??

Not really a moon junkie? You don’t have to be obsessed with the moon to get immense value from this program. If you’re burned out, overwhelmed or suffering with stress or hormonal health issues, you will be so well served by the meditation, emotional release and stress reducing practices I guide every call.

Cautious about adding another expense to your budget? I hear you. You want to get the most out of your investments and make sure they are effective. I am the literal queen of designing high-impact low-commitment transformative experiences. My master’s in integrative health and experience designing learning experiences at Google makes me an expert at this. This is my most accessible program and honestly such an incredible value!

Is your self trust bruised because you haven’t kept commitments to yourself and you’re worried this will be another thing you don’t show up for? That story gets to change right here, right now. With this investment and your decision to show up fully for yourself. I can promise you that story is not doing you any other favors in your life – where else is that story holding you back? You get to rebuild your self trust, starting now. And we will check in on you if you don't show up! This isn't a big impersonal subscription program where you would fade into the background unnoticed. I will personally reach out if I haven't seen you on the calls!

Short on time? If you have limited time for self care, you want to make sure it’s effective and efficient that’s why we’re covering all the bases on our radiance collective calls:

βœ… intentional journaling & goal setting to get clear on what you want so you don’t settle

βœ… breathwork to come back to your center

βœ… embodiment to feel your power, and

βœ… emotional release to tend your emotions so they don’t rule you

Something else holding you back or not sure this program is for you? Hit reply and let’s chat. I’m happy to help you figure out if 1:1 coaching, the membership or something else would better suit you.

The Radiance Collective Membership is my lowest investment program ever at $197/mo. If you’ve never worked with me, this is such a great place to start and if you’ve been a client in the past, it's a great way to stay in the work!

Our next call is Wednesday, November 23rd on the New Moon 5:30 - 6:30 PM PST with optional social time after. This program is magic and I want you in it!

Will we see you there?

XO Alyssa


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