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What would change in your life if you owned it?

empowerment Sep 03, 2020


When clients start working with me, there's this longing that comes alive.

In our sessions they finally glimpse the possibility for their life that a deep part of them knew all along but the thinking mind buried deep-down with its endless thoughts, doubts and fears.

I know it's been hard to give yourself credit – that brain of yours is always scanning for the ways you messed up or could have done it better.

I know it's been hard to prioritize yourself – because you have your career and family and future to consider.

I know it's been hard to get support – because that would mean admitting that you can't actually do it all on your own.

I know it's been hard to receive help – because we've been taught over and over again to be fierce women that can do it all on our own.

I'm here to tell you what you already know – that time is over.

We're doing things a little differently now.

You know you need space, because it's all so much right now.

You know you need support, because you're at an inflection point and things are either about to clarify or implode.

You know you need guidance, and receiving doesn't make you any less than, it makes you more.

You know it's generous to invest in yourself, for your current self and loved ones, and your future self and loved ones

So, I'm curious...

What if I told you the first step to the life you desire was owning all the awesomeness you already are and already have?

What would it be like to you own your own awesomeness?

A little scary and uncomfortable perhaps?

Speaking as an insecure over-achiever who's worked her buns off all her life to prove her worth through work, I KNOW how hard it is to own the awesomeness and feel good enough just as I am.

It often takes support, whether that's coaching, a group program or another container to truly rewire our brains to let us feel good and own it!

Everything in our culture tells us it's rude or impolite or shameful to be unapologetically confident, love yourself and believe in yourself.

But it's actually essential to living a full and inspiring life!

This is a core principle in my coaching work and I'm hosting a live masterclass next week to give you all a delicious taste of the power of embodying confidence!

I'd love for you to join the group of boss ladies already signed up for Own It!



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