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What support makes possible 🌺

empowerment Jan 06, 2022

We had our final closing call for the 2021 cohort of Radiance Collective just last week and I am so incredibly in awe of the magic that happens in this community.

We don’t heal patriarchy and capitalism on our own.

We can’t heal from hustle culture and proving our worth on our own.

We need women to see us, feel us, hear us and cheer us on when we get scared and want to run back to self-sacrificing and settling for less than we deserve in life.

I know it’s scary to commit. These same women were scared to join such a long container and give up ninety of their precious minutes every week. And guess what?

That resistance transformed into desire 🔥

None of us missed a call that wasn’t already agreed to be taken off the schedule 🤯

And not from an icky bootcamp-y you must show up or else vibe but honestly from desire – from knowing this was a space that we could show up to in all our moods, states of fatigue and glorious celebration.

I want to share some of the shifts that have happened throughout this program to celebrate these incredible women and to perhaps show you what might be possible…

If it's possible for her, why can't it be possible for you??

✨It's given me confidence to continue to find ways to commit to showing up for myself. Even though I have 90 fewer minutes in the week, I find I have more capacity. The time it takes is less than the time it creates. This is my commitment to self-care every week.

✨I feel like we poured all of ourselves, our hearts and souls into this container and it's been so rewarding. I realize this is what matters most – women doing this work together.

✨This was the year I needed something consistent in my life to keep me grounded amidst all the ups and downs.

✨I'm learning to actually make myself a priority. I've spent a lot of my life and energy worrying about what other people want and need.

✨I feel a deep belonging to myself, like I know how to tune in and decide what's important to me.

✨I'm not getting mad at myself for feeling tired. I've learned to let myself rest and then I'm way more productive at work!

✨My anxiety has decreased. I've stopped caring so much about what other people think and have learned to pay more attention to myself.

✨I trust my body has the wisdom that I need. I trust I already have the power to find fulfillment in my life and work. I trust I am capable and worthy of utilizing it. I am trusting through the fear.

✨I've learned that I place a high value on my own learning and growth and will be sure to prioritize this.

✨Now that I feel more grounded, I'm wondering what else is possible for me to feel and experience!?

If you often fall into the trap of feeling like you should be able to figure it all out on your own – you’re an intelligent, resourceful woman after all – please know that you do not and cannot do it all.

We've all been there. There are so many sneaky ways our patriarchal individualistic go-it-alone mentality is reinforced as the "right way" and the "strong way" to do things.

But all great leaders know they need support!

That’s arguably the difference between ultra high performers and burned out overachievers – the former seeks out expert support and guidance to get them where they want to be.

Which do you want to be?

If the shifts above sound like what you’re craving right now, let them be evidence that it’s possible for you.

Want to connect to make sure this is right for you? Send me a message or go ahead and save your spot if you’re ready to claim this for yourself.


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