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WTF does “empowerment” mean anyway?!

empowerment Jul 29, 2021

It dawned on me recently that I call myself a Women's Empowerment Coach but until a couple years ago I didn’t even really know what empowerment meant.

I think it’s high time we build a shared definition of empowerment. Cool? Cool.

Empowerment looks like confidence, feels like security, and acts like having agency to influence the course of your life.

To me, empowerment simply means having the power to live the way you want to live

Power comes in many forms and flavors.

Some of us start off with more power or perceived power based on our identities, families, lived experiences, trauma, etc.

That is 100% true AND no matter where we start, we can always choose to increase our power.

And a choice it is.

I actually like to think about empowerment as discovering power that was always there in the first place, we just couldn’t see it or access it for some reason.

I believe we are born powerful creators with the ability to craft the lives we most desire for ourselves.

And sometimes we forget how powerful we really are.

Empowerment is a reclamation 🔥

Some of the forms of power I specialize in helping women build are:

Mental Power – the ability to create a supportive inner monologue & belief in yourself
Emotional Power – the ability to befriend, express & process your emotions
Energetic Power – the ability to harness creative & sexual energy to fuel your dreams
Agency Power – the ability to execute on your vision & create the life you want

Is there one of these areas that feels far away or underdeveloped? Watch out!! That’s a sign that you have untapped power that you can learn to harness 🔥🔥🔥

What would it mean for you to feel empowered in your life?

Curious to hear how this can work for you? Keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement next week that I can’t WAIT to share with you!!


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