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What gives your life meaning?

empowerment Dec 03, 2020

Most people believe that your job has to be the thing that gives you meaning and purpose.

I believe meaning and purpose is accessible to everyone, anywhere at any time, regardless of what they do.

This should be obvious.

We're human beings.

We have a fundamental right to feel a sense of meaning and experience a sense of purpose in our lives, no matter what we do, no matter the phases and changes we go through in life.

But it's one of those insidious beliefs that so many of us have taken on, especially in the United States, that we have to find this through work.

We're programmed from a young age to search for this, a la...

What am I going to be when I grow up??

What's gonna be THE thing that gives me meaning, that gives me purpose, that gives me a sense of self, a sense of identity.

That's how our whole system is set up.

It sucks that so many of us are taught that this is the path to a fulfilling life.

At the end of the day, there are some people who find meaning and purpose in their work. I happen to be one of these people.

But for some, that's not the case. And all of us go through career transitions, unemployment, and family shifts. Does that mean we don't get to feel that deep sense of fulfillment we all crave? Hell no!

The sense of purpose I feel in my work now wouldn't be enough for me if I wasn't also experiencing meaning from my relationships, meaning from my partnership, a sense of purpose in my connection to humanity.

There's something that gets lost in this quest that so many of us are on, to find fulfillment just through work and not through becoming more of ourselves.

This level of deep inner work to truly know ourselves is the missing piece that so many of us don't get the support and help to do. And it's now a key piece in my work with clients.

I didn't really intend to become a meaning and purpose coach but most of my clients come to me deeply craving this missing part in their life and I'm honored to support women on this journey of deeply knowing themselves and finding fulfillment right where they are.

And it makes sense – we each have a deep deep need to experience meaning in our life.

If you're desiring support around your journey to find meaning and purpose. I'd be happy to speak with you, reach out ✨


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