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What coaching can do for you ๐ŸŒˆ

empowerment Sep 29, 2022

Before coaching, I made decisions based on what would look the best on my linkedin profile. I lived to please and impress everyone around me, but especially bosses, parents and teachers!

I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out what everyone else thought I should do that I had no f*cking clue what I even wanted.

I spent years of my life living for others instead of for me – that is until I found coaching. Coaching gave me the space to slow down, connect and listen to myself for the first time.

When I did that, it turns out I *did* know what I wanted and my brain showed me clear fleshed out visions of the life I wanted to live – on a farm, with lots of time freedom, helping other people. We're doing 2/3 of that! The farm part of the vision is taking a bit longer ;)

Coaching showed me that under my shyness and insecurity was a powerful, clear, articulate, motivated woman who knew how to take a huge risk to leave her tech job and double down on creating a life aligned with her values, purpose and desire.

Coaching has given me my life back and put the remote back in my hands. It’s given me the confidence and belief in myself to take bigger risks and reap bigger rewards than I ever could’ve dreamed for myself.

Coaching has allowed me to truly enjoy the freedom and space I’ve created for my life that allows me to work less than I’ve ever worked, travel often, take dance class and go for hikes in the middle of the workday and come home for delicious dinners with my partner rather than being wracked with guilt and unworthiness.

Now I take clients through my radiant coaching method to help them come back to themselves so they can make empowered decisions for their own lives. So they can stand in a place of clarity and confidence knowing exactly what they want and feeling so totally capable and worthy of making it happen.

If you're ready to feel in charge of your life and like you're living it for you, not everyone else, get on my schedule!

Your life is too precious to waste living any other way


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