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This year we’re choosing permission over deprivation🥂

empowerment Jan 01, 2021



On this New Years morn, I'm sitting with the desire of doing more of what lights me up and turns me on in 2021.

What if this was the energy you brought to this month, to this year!?!

Hey look I know it's hard with covid and all. It requires dedication, creativity and support to find joy, turn-on and life right now.

But what if?

Instead of deprivation and restriction we chose permission and joy this new years – cause you know how this resolution thing goes already don't you?

You don't trust yourself to make smart decisions 11 months of the year, so you buckle down for this 1 month, and hope that's going to shift the rest of your life...sorry babe, that's not how transformation happens.

I want you to build the confidence, trust and inner knowing to be able to make empowered decisions all year round – decisions that come from trust and permission, not from fear and control.

Your brain 🧠 is literally designed to prioritize surviving (aka maintaining status quo even if it sucks) over change because change is unknown which = potential danger.

If you don't check the fears and doubts your brain feeds you everyday, they're going to hold you back from your potential, your power, your desires - from what is meant for you!

That's why The Radiance Collective 👑 is here to offer you an entire year of support to live your most expressed, most powerful, most impactful year yet.

I know that's scary, commitment is scary

What if it doesn't work for me? What if I don't show up? What if I don't like the other women? What if life is cray in 2021 too?

Hey, I hear you. And guess what? We can work with each of these. They are figureoutable!

And just think of who you get to be when you are willing to make that leap!

When you are willing to bet on yourself!

And have support to tap into your most empowered version of you and shed the layers of doubt, insecurity that are keeping you stuck.

As a client said this week, nothing magical happens when the clock strikes midnight – the magic happens when you are ready to bet on yourself.

That can happen on 1/1 or 1/2 or 1/3 or whenever you're ready

Are you ready to see how powerful you are?

Let us show you 💖 The Radiance Collective 👑 is kicking off on Jan 20th. Contact me if you’re scared, curious or totally just ready to join – it’s all welcome.

Get in this energy and become unstoppable in 2021!

XO Alyssa


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