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The worst case scenario happened

empowerment Mar 19, 2021

Last week I was hosting a three-day live workshop called Alive Again and we had dozens of amazing women signed up! The first two days were amazing, but you’ll never guess what happened.

The worst case scenario...and I had to reach for all the pleasure and self-care tools that I teach my clients to take care of myself, work through my emotions, and make a decision to pivot the event!

If you identify with being a perfectionist and being very aware of how you are perceived by others, watch the video to hear how I worked my way through this one.

This is what taking radical responsibility looks like – even when you didn’t do something wrong!!

Curious? Catch the live video replay here

When do you find yourself performing and not showing up authentically? Where do you get stuck in perfectionism and the injustice of things going wrong even when you did everything “right”?

XO Alyssa

P.S. Want to learn the self-care and pleasure tools that help me move through hard shit like this?

Send me a message and say me me me!!! and I’ll make sure you hear about the exciting offer I’m brewing up! 💋


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