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The thing about change 🌱

empowerment Oct 07, 2021

Last week I wrote a blog post about how my body shape isn’t an issue for me right now, even though I’m heavier than I’ve ever been.

And since writing that piece I'm noticing these changes happening organically in my life.

I've been paying even more careful attention to moving my body, stretching, and taking care of myself in ways that feel good.

I’ve been meditating, journaling, getting into nature and eating and cooking delicious food for myself. Pretty cool, huh?⁠

Sometimes all it takes is saying the thing out loud we've been hiding from and really truly accepting ourselves just as we are, in order to be able to change⁠.

This is a famous psychological paradox – that we can only change that which we first accept.

And let me tell you it feels SO MUCH BETTER to approach change in this way.

Have you experienced something similar?⁠

Or perhaps you're stuck fighting where you're at rather than accepting what’s real right now.

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