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The Real Reason You're Tired all the Time

On average, women today have more freedom than ever before in recorded history and yet we are more stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted than ever. 

Along with pursuing success in demanding careers, women still do the majority of housework and emotional labor in their families. We’ve taken on more and haven’t given anything up which is leading women to face exhaustion and burnout in alarming numbers. This impact is compounded for women of color and women who otherwise fit outside of our heteronormative white culture.

 During the 7 years, I worked at Google, I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder, an autoimmune condition, and Chronic Fatigue. Studies show that these particular conditions impact women at rates rate 3 to 5 times higher than men. When I read these studies I wanted to scream and demand the world tell me WHY??? I know so many women in my community who have faced these same diagnoses and yet no one seemed to know why these illnesses tend to impact women so selectively, so I formed my own hypothesis:

I believe women today are chronically sick and chronically tired because we live in a culture in which women are made to feel less than and spend their whole lives desperate for approval and validation. 

When you feel at a deep level that you are not good enough, you don’t belong, one response is to work harder and harder to prove to yourself and others that you do belong, you are smart enough, you do deserve to be here.

My experience with burnout led me to investigate the health implications of women living in modern patriarchy in my final project for my masters’ degree. My research led me to the source of a woman’s power and freedom – her sexuality and her capacity for pleasure.

The vast majority of coaching and therapeutic modalities conveniently ignore sexuality but I believe reclaiming our sexuality is essential to women’s empowerment and any practitioner working with women is doing them a disservice if they’re unprepared to navigate these waters. It wasn’t until I learned to take responsibility for my own pleasure that I finally ended the cycle of burnout in my life. 

This is the journey I now guide my clients on. Here are some key points to understand about this journey from burnout to creating a life that fills you up:

  1. When you go through burnout with a deep curiosity and willingness to see the ways your own patterns and behaviors led you to burnout, you open yourself to learning the lessons that will prevent you from getting stuck in the cycle of burnout again.
  2. When you are too exhausted to want to get out of bed in the morning and too stressed to think about how to really enjoy your life, pleasure is the antidote. Having something that feels good will help you get out of bed in the morning and pleasure releases just the right cocktail of natural chemicals to leave your body feeling refreshed and recharged.
  3. When you begin to trust and believe in your desires, you ignite hope and possibility. With hope and possibility, you begin to make shifts in your life and make decisions in alignment with the vision you hold for your life. This is the journey to empowerment.


I work 1-on-1 with coaching clients navigating this same journey in Radiance. The results my clients get include increased self-acceptance and love. Greater success in their careers. A greater sense of personal power and ability to speak their truth. Increased confidence and ability to advocate for themselves. A greater capacity to experience pleasure in their daily lives. More energy and joy on a daily basis.


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