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The practice that helps heal burnout

burnout Oct 14, 2021

I know things have been hard recently.

Social calendars are filling up. Work’s not getting any easier and you’re pretty worn down.

When everything feels like it’s piling up and the weight is getting heavier and heavier with no sign of release, sometimes the best thing to do is just to be with it.

Just hear me out.

I know you’re already googling getaways to Hawaii and trying to figure out when you can burn it all to the ground, move across the world and take a well-deserved break for once.

Or maybe you’re the type to just tune it all out and dive headfirst into the next binge in an attempt to get some GD peace, quiet and space away from all of your responsibilities.

But what if the thing that could make it all better was actually turning towards it all?

That’s what I’m here to offer.

The practice of being present right here and right now so you taste real freedom and real choice, the kind that comes from deep acceptance and inner clarity.

Sound good? Let’s try it! What’ve you got to lose?

The practice I want to teach you is called a Body Scan and it’s great for:

1. helping shift from stressed out and overwhelmed into a more regulated state

2. orienting towards acceptance and notice what IS working, not just what isn't

3. developing interoception so we can manage emotions and listen to our intuition

all of which are essential for healing from and preventing burnout!

Catch the body scan class here

It’s 20 minutes long and for the first 8 I explain why body scans are great and for the last 12 we do the damn thing, so fast forward if you’re short on time.

As you’ll hear in the video I’m thinking about leading a live class like this on Instagram more regularly – if you’d be interested in joining or catching the replay – let me know!


P.S. I’m having so much fun connecting with you all on clarity calls and my schedule is currently booked until next month. But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t let you know I’m offering an amazing value to the next three women who enroll in 1:1 coaching, so send me a message if you feel like this is for you and I’ll see if I can squeeze you in sooner 💋


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