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The power of intention πŸ’«

empowerment Sep 22, 2022

When we don’t trust ourselves, we prioritize planning over intention, scheduling every last detail of our life, when really our *intention* is what holds our vision

Prioritizing planning instead of intention is like realizing your body is really sore

then having the thought that you should do a yoga class tomorrow

and immediately picking up your phone to scan the class schedule

only to find yourself scrolling shopping for yoga pants and down a rabbit hole with no plan or actual intention to tend to your body 😳

It might also look like signing yourself up for yoga classes for the next month

then missing most of them because you tried to go from zero to sixty without clarifying why you’re doing this and why it’s important to you πŸ™ˆ

Intention is what holds us through the distraction, doubt and difficulty ✨

when we don’t want to show up, having an intention carries us through

If we don’t trust ourselves, we’re susceptible over-planning πŸ’₯

What if all those times you didn’t follow through were just showing you that you need to strengthen your intention by getting really clear on what you want and why you want it?

It’s not that you can’t and won’t follow through, it’s just that a different approach is needed

Your intention is what holds you and your vision 🌟

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