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The moon wants to be your mirror 🪞

burnout empowerment Oct 25, 2022

In many indigenous and ancestral healing traditions, both those practiced today and those our own ancestors practiced, imbalance is the root cause of disease.

In this western culture we’re so quick to medicalize, to try to cut out the problem, when maybe, just maybe our illnesses are on our side too.

Hear me out for a minute

If you believe, like I do, that our bodies are wise and intelligent and our body and brain is more of a bodymind (credit to yogic and tantric lineages who have known and deeply studied this thousands of years before modern neuroscience is proving it) it’s not a far leap to imagine that our bodies may use illness or dis-ease to communicate to us when things are out of balance.

The problem is that we often don’t listen until the prognosis is severe, but our body has been communicating to us, in the ways it can, the whole time – trying to nudge us back into balance. Pointing out things that aren’t working for us, whether they be foods, jobs, relationships, the pace of our life, boundaries or lack thereof.

What shifts when you entertain the notion that your illness, not just your health, may also be on your side?

The treatment in many indigenous healing traditions is designed to help you realign and address where you are out of balance and disconnected from that natural way of things.

Our bodies want to get back to wholeness, if only we would let them show us the way. If only we would follow the glimmers right in front of our nose.

I love working with the moon because it’s right there, just outside, even when I can’t see it.

Tracking the cycles of the moon brings me back into connection with the natural world around me where I can’t help but remember that I am a part of that world too.

In our ancestors' time, tracking the moon probably wouldn’t have been a treatment because it was just the way of things – without artificial light all around – of course you would notice the changing of the light in the night sky!

If you’re a woman struggling with basically anything right now, I want to invite you into this practice of aligning with the moon. It is a balm that can soothe and restore even the most haggard among us.

The moon wants to be your mirror. The moon wants to show you where you are out of balance. The moon wants you to remind you that rest, reflection and renewal are part of the natural way of things.

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