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I wrote this in my journal yesterday 🧨

pleasure Aug 05, 2021

When did you learn that being productive and feeling good can't coexist?

Yesterday, as I was drinking my iced oat milk latte soaking up the sun on my fave coffee shop patio, I pulled out my journal to do my daily freewriting practice.

This is what I wrote:

“I’m afraid something inside me will internally combust if I try to combine work and pleasure”

After I examined and reframed this fear, I wrote:

“You're not going to internally combust – you're going to heal and it's going to be fucking beautiful.”

Pleasure just means feeling good. Who says we can’t feel good AND be productive!?!

I've been practicing and teaching pleasure-based living for three years now and this programming is still there, lurking.

You might think that because I got out of the tech rat race, I've healed all of my work issues and everything is easy for me now… 😂😂😂

The truth is that I do work a lot less and I do experience more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment.

AND my messed up patterns with work still come up – perfectionism, not trusting that I'm enough, being hard on myself, working way too much, or way too little.

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to journal on this:

When did you learn that being productive and feeling good can't coexist?

Then reframe that shit. Write what you want to believe about how work gets to be for you.

Cause the big secret is...you'll actually be even more productive when you feel good!!!

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