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Patriarchal death throes and birth pangs

empowerment Jan 07, 2021

As I sat glued to the news coverage on the coup at our US capitol yesterday, I was reminded of a passage I cited in my master’s thesis from Riane Eisler’s seminal text on patriarchy called The Chalice and the Blade.

As she explains, throughout history humans have cycled between periods of relative peace, freedom and prosperity (which she calls gylany) and periods of war, control and domination (which she calls androcracy – we could also call patriarchy).

Historical patterns show that before a major paradigm and power shift from androcracy to gylany, violence and chaos escalates. What we are witnessing in the United States is as Riane Eisler puts it:

"the final bloodbath of the dying system's violent efforts to maintain its hold...but the death throes of androcracy could also be the birth pangs of gylany and the opening of a door into a new future"

The jig is up. The new power structure prioritizing peace freedom and prosperity for all is forming

We mourn for those injured yesterday, for those inevitably becoming sick from these terrorist acts in the middle of a pandemic.

We thank black women organizers and leaders for delivering victory in Georgia and know that what is best for black folks is best for everyone – our health, thriving and happiness are inextricably linked.

All the while holding the vision for the transition we know is happening. Biden is our elected president. We won the house. It's happening.

Feel your feels in this intense moment but remember that even though it feels far away, this transition is happening. A new future is upon us.

Find ways to release the stress and emotion you are inevitably carrying in this moment, even and especially if it’s hard for you to feel it.

If you feel the need to dive right into business as usual again notice that pattern and find moments to pause and feel.

Crazy shit will likely continue to happen as this transition from patriarchy unfolds in our lifetime and we all need spaces to be held in our humanness and support to bring our most expressed, powerful, radiant selves to the world.

The world needs empowered women and empowered women need one another, now more than ever.

If you’re looking for a safe haven, I’m extending the start date for The Radiance Collective two weeks. Those already signed up will be getting extra sessions with me until the community begins.

This is for boss babes, tech mavens, worker bees, creatives and fierce mamas ready to step into their power, leadership, and radiance in a greater way in 2021.

If you know this is for you or feel curious and want to chat, get in touch here to book a call with me.

XO Alyssa


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