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My brain says you’ll hate me for this

empowerment May 19, 2022

My brain says you’ll hate me for this….and maybe you will! I can take that.

What I can’t take is women martyring themselves while claiming to be of service, making themselves small and denying their own needs in order to be liked and not make a scene.

We do not exist to prop up this f*cked system. To exist on breadcrumbs while we give and give and give, trying to keep our families, our schools, and the rest of it afloat.

Maybe it’s time we see what happens when we stop feeling responsible for holding it all together.

Maybe it’s time we take a stand for our own boundaries.

Boundaries = I know what I want and need and I am a stand for that.

Boundaries don’t prevent me from being generous.

Boundaries are actually what enable me to be generous.

If I don’t have boundaries, I’m not generous. I’m people pleasing, self-sacrificing and martyring myself while calling it generosity.

This is my story of owning what I desire to be paid for my labor, aka boundaries:

It's important to me to be transparent about what it costs to work with me.

Over a year ago my prices weren't on my website.

I was taught that if someone sees your prices they won't get on a call with you and thus won't hire you.

A lot of us in the coaching industry are taught manipulative business tactics designed to get people to say yes to something before taking the time to feel into it whether it's right for them.

This feels so icky to me and I've done a lot to shift the way I do business.

I decide that I trust you enough to be transparent about my prices and why they are what they are.

1:1 coaching with me is $1,500 per month for six months, $9,000 total.

That's what it costs to get access to me, my energy, life experience, training, mastery and emotional regulation.

I only take on 8 private clients max at a time because of the time and energy I put into taking exquisite care of myself so I can hold my clients at a high level.

Personally, I wouldn't think this is that much to spend for something I really want. I spend significantly more than this on coaching for myself.

And I know for most people it's more than you can ever imagine spending on yourself.
And as I hold both of these realities I'm struck by how we assign value.

No one questions (well maybe some of us do) exorbitant hospital co-pays, going into debt for higher education, a six-figure down payment, and sky-high legal fees.

But to think of a coach, guide, or mentor daring to charge higher rates for her emotional labor that quite literally changes lives... 😱

This is work that literally no one else can do.

No one else is me. No one else has led the life I've led, walked in my shoes, faced the same demons and made it through to the other side.

No one else has my same dreams and has cultivated my exact mindset and perspective.
This is why you work with me and not someone else.

No matter your situation, you have a right to want what you want.

Whether that’s money, love, connection or peace, I am here to help you see it as possible.

If you're curious about working with me, whether you think you can afford it or not, I invite you to book a free coaching call so you can get a taste and decide if this is for you.


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