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Letting yourself be happy is hard

pleasure Mar 17, 2022

Letting yourself be happy is one of the hardest things you’ll do as an adult

Who am I to be happy when the world is falling apart?

Who am I to be happy when there is so much suffering?

Who am I to enjoy what I have when others have so little?

The guilt and shame are toxic

They compound and fester

And they help no one, not you and not anyone

You get to enjoy your life because you do

This is the lesson pleasure is here to teach you

The holy truth is this: when you are filled up your natural generosity can pour forth

Giving to yourself is not selfish, it’s the *only* way you can be generous without over giving and crossing your own boundaries

You get to be resourced, supported and happy AND trust yourself to be kind and generous to others when you feel moved to do so

I dare you to prioritize your joy, pleasure and happiness for one week and see what happens

Are you game?

The Everyday Pleasure Challenge starts next week and it might just be the best thing I’ve ever created!!!

Are you planning on joining?

Each day next week Tuesday to Friday you’ll receive an email from me with a short simple pleasure microdose breath, awareness and movement practice you can do wherever you are in your day.

I recorded all the videos last week and they are SO GOOD 🔥🔥🔥

5 minutes a day can do WONDERS.

Are you ready to make the commitment?

Save your spot, mark your calendars and see you next week!


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