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Let my people go surfing

pleasure Feb 25, 2021

Let my people go surfing is the name of a book by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. It’s also a great summation of my biggest insight from this week!

Monday morning I woke up and found a reminder on my calendar for work I was scheduled to start this week and no part of me felt excited to do it.

I could have forced myself through but thankfully, I had a call with my coach that day and she told me to go surfing instead of working. All of my good-girl hard-working programming wanted to protest and defend why this thing HAD to get done today...but I knew she was right.

Instead, I finished what needed to get done and I went to the beach. I gave myself full permission to be in play instead of work mode and the next day I felt so lit up, energized and full of creative ideas. I was even able to finish the behind the scenes work to get my latest free offering ready for you in record time!

And since I know you’re dying to hear, the idea that came to me was for Alive Again a free live workshop series where I’m spilling all the secrets I teach my private clients on how to banish burnout with pleasure!

This is for friends, clients, followers, and anyone in-between. If you haven’t worked with me but love what I talk about and want a deeper taste of this work, save your spot and tell your friends! It’s going to be amazing and sooo much epic value.

And remember – instead of forcing your way through everything on your list, see what it’s like to give yourself permission to rest, play, move, whatever you’re most desiring, while trusting that motivation, energy and creativity will come in time.

We can’t do this all the time, because we have to show up for work, life, kids, etc but I encourage you to find micro moments where you can truly honor your desires and see how that shifts everything!

XO, Alyssa


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