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It's time to stop hiding

empowerment Feb 27, 2020

In our culture, we as women are taught to dim our light, to censor our expression, to play small.

We’re taught to hide our brilliance, lest we outshine our partner, our parents, or our friends.

There are a million ways we hold ourselves back from being our truest, biggest, most fully expressed selves.

And psychologically it makes sense.

Many of us hold deep deep fears in our bones, from our own traumas, from our mothers’ traumas and from the culture we live in that tells us in so many ways that a woman who shines, a woman who embodies her power and her confidence is not safe.

The women who stand out, who speak up, who don’t play small are most vulnerable and likely to be knocked down emotionally or physically.

But you are strong and brave and you’re ready to remove this patriarchal residue that’s dulling your shine.

It’s time to stop hiding and playing small. It’s time to step into your power and share your skills and gifts with the world.

What have you been hiding?

Your intelligence? Your beauty? Your power?

It’s time to claim your gifts and make use of your unique strengths.

In my free masterclass Embody Your Superpower, I’ll show you exactly how to start this process.

All you need to do is grab a pen & paper and set aside 30 minutes where you won’t be disturbed.

Ready to stop playing small and start sharing your gifts with the world?

Join the other brave women who are already reclaiming their superpowers and get the Embody Your Superpower Masterclass now.


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