It’s amazing how little can change in a year, isn’t it?

empowerment Dec 11, 2020

It’s amazing how little and how much can change in a year, solely depending on our perspective.

Maybe 2020 wasn’t the year you hoped. Maybe 2021 will be your year, if you’re ready to make that decision.

There are three foundational keys that form the backbone of my coaching philosophy that has gotten my clients results this year like...

💎 tens of thousands of dollars more in income
💎 deeper levels of self-love, acceptance and understanding than they ever thought possible
💎 greater intimacy with themselves and loved ones
💎 more badass confidence (with boundaries) at work
💎 more freedom, energy and fulfillment than ever before

And I’m going to spill them all for you right here so you can have them too.


The latest research in mindfulness and neuroscience shows that awareness is a necessary skill for transformation. We must be aware of what we want and aware of what is in the way of us getting what we want.

We bring awareness to our breath, sensations and emotions to stay present in our bodies and gently heal old wounds.

We bring awareness to thought patterns and belief systems that are limiting our potential so we can shift them and choose new empowering narratives 💫

This might sound vague here, but it gets reeeeally real in coaching when we work specific on one fear or limiting belief that identify as no longer serving your life.


Many coaching and therapy modalities focus only on talking about our problems while excluding our deeper and more primal brain systems.

That’s why many diets, coaching programs and talk therapy systems fail to deliver rapid and lasting results. How many dollars, hours, and dreams have you wasted on programs that haven't worked for you?

I guide clients through transformational practices to get you out of your head so you can feel the most free, the most authentic, the most YOU 💃


There’s a common misconception that if I accept and unconditionally love myself, I’ll stop improving and growing. But there’s a big difference between self-improvement and true growth.

Self-improvement is fueled by self-hatred, judgement and shame. It’s forcing yourself to diet because you hate the way you look. If you’re like me, you’ve been there.

And that’s great because it means you have a burning desire to transform. My methodology channels this desire into true growth which requires a foundation of love, safety and belonging.

When you take care of yourself because you love yourself and desire to feel more powerful and alive, the time is ripe for true growth. ❤️

Is it your time? Are you ready for real, sustainable growth? Then get in touch and send out the call. Asking for help is a skill we can all practice. I can't wait to hear from you ✨


P.S. I’m going live on Instagram this Sunday to announce a very special intimate program for 2021 and would be thrilled to tell you alllll about it and answer your questions! Join me there 💋


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