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If it doesn't feel good, what's the point?

pleasure Feb 17, 2022

If it doesn't feel good, what's the point?

What's the point of the job that pays you well if you're too busy to enjoy your life?

What's the point of living in a beautiful place if you're too exhausted to get outside?

What's the point of the relationship, the house, the job, the family of your dreams if you don't know how to take all the goodness and gratitude in and not self-sabotage?

Yes, there are bills to pay and needs to be taken care of

But we’re kidding ourselves and missing out on so much that is possible by thinking the only way to do that is by grinding away at something we don’t even really like.

I genuinely believe the point of life is finding what feels good and following it.

That's how you know you're in alignment.

That's how you know you're on track.

That's how you know you're operating from trust instead of fear.

If things aren't feeling good, where could you move just one degree towards more pleasure?

Orienting towards pleasure doesn't mean your next-level life doesn't require hard work.

It's just that the work is different than you think ✨

It takes work to believe a different way of life is possible for you

It takes work to hold the faith that something better and more brilliant than you could ever imagine is coming together for you

It takes work not to give up and fall into your old patterns when your dreams don't materialize as fast as you want them to

It takes work to not overwork and hustle, instead of trusting that pleasure + consistent action gets to work for you

If you want to get to the next-level, maybe it’s time to evolve your obsession with hard work and see what else is possible

I know your brain short circuits when I talk about letting the daily grind be pleasurable!

Orienting to pleasure instead of hustle is a complete 180 from how most of us have done life until this point and how everyone around us is doing life.

It quite literally is revolutionary

And I know it can feel overwhelming, it's like where do I even start, this can't possibly work for me! (oh yes it can ;)

It's not about going from sleepwalking through your life in a coffee-fueled stupor and smartphone addicted disconnected daze to gourmet breakfasts, 90 minute massages and a three-day work week.

It's about identifying YOUR next level. That's doable and imaginable and would quite literally change your life for the better.

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