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I owe you an apology

empowerment Apr 13, 2020

Friends, I owe you an apology.

I got a little cray with my branding and business that I overlooked y'all.

I had this idea that once I clarified my vision I could just run ads and have the people who resonate with what I'm doing find me. We'll get to the problem with that in a minute, but first lemme tell you a story.

A friend replied to an email about Pleasure as Medicine to say she loved the the course and to ask if it was open to her because in the past I had said I didn't work with friends. Actually I didn't even send that email to my mailing list, just to her and few other friends I knew would be perfect for it, but how would she know that?

When I got that email, I had two reactions, first was "Yayayay I'm SO excited she wants to join because I LITERALLY MADE THIS FOR HER!!" and the second was "Shit! I've so screwed up by making my friends think that I'm not available for them. I need to clarify that!"

See when I was first learning coaching in my master's program I was cautioned not to coach close friends or family and I took that really seriously. But since dedicating the past year to deepening my coaching skills in two certification programs and learning a thing or two about starting a coaching business, I've changed my tune.

The most important thing I learned is that I actually can't do this without you. And that's hard for me to admit as an independent woman who doesn't like to have to depend on anyone, ever. Yikes. But the truth is YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

You know me, you know what I've been through, what I struggle with and what I have to offer. And I GET YOU! I know that you've checked many of the boxes of success but still don't feel that deep sense of peace and fulfillment you so crave. You're often left depleted by your own drive for achievement and YOU KNOW THERE HAS TO BE MORE.

You desire a CAREER THAT FULFILLS you, gives you FINANCIAL FREEDOM and helps the world. You desire to feel more DEEPLY CONNECTED to yourself, to family, to friends, to a love partner. You desire to feel more CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS, and POWERFUL. You desire to experience more JOY, more BLISS, more FREEDOM.

I know, because we are not so different you and I ;) And I'm the same me I've always been just with portrait mode, lipstick and a few other tricks up my sleeve. So if you've been curious about joining Pleasure as Medicine (we start on Wednesday!) or working with me 1:1, YES FRIENDS ARE ALLOWED, nay celebrated!

THANK YOU for your support, for trusting me, for sharing your struggles and dreams with me and I'M SORRY if I've made you feel like I'm not here for you. Yes, I'm speaking to you reading this right now. Please know I'm here for you and would be honored to support you in anyway that I can.

❤️ Alyssa


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